A Salute to Teachers


2016 San Diego County Teachers of the Year Timeline (PDF)​

2015 San Diego County Teachers of the ​Year​​

Districts throughout the county selected their own teachers of the year based on student achievement, teaching philosophy, and the ability to serve as ambassadors of education.  Five of the 42 district nominees were named San Diego County Teachers of the Year.  Our five winners will then become candidates for California Teacher of the Year honors.  And the nominees are…

2015 San Dieg​o County Teacher of the Year Nominees

Lauriana Leoncavallo-100.jpg

Bonsall Unified Sch​ool District​
Lauriana Leoncavallo

Cheryl Lambe-100.jpg

Cajon Valley Union School DistrictCheryl Lambe​​

Maria Teran-Cruz-100.jpg

Carlsbad Unified School District​
Maria Teran-Cruz

Pamela Barger-100.jpg

​Del Mar Union School District
Pamela Barger

Jeanne Benowitz-100.jpg

​Encinitas Union School District
Jeanne Benowitz

Erin Duran-100.jpg

​Escondido Union High School District
Erin Duran

Tina Meglich-100.jpg

​Escondido Union School District
Cristina Meglich

Stephanie Threatt-100.jpg

​Escondido Union School District
Stephanie Threatt

Megan Leech-100.jpg

​Fallbrook Union Elementary School District
Megan Leech

Jesse Schuveiller-100.jpg

​Fallbrook Union High School District
Jesse Schuveiller

Debbie Burton-100.jpg

​Grossmont Union High School District
Debbie Burton

John Berray-100.jpg

​Grossmont Union High School District
John Berray​

Karen Stewart-100.jpg

​Jamul-Dulzura Union School District
Karen Stewart

Michael Brus-100.jpg

​La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
Micheal Brus

Mary Goins-100.jpg

​Lakeside Union School District
Mary Goins

Beth Sandford-100.jpg

​Mountain Empire Unified School District
Beth Sandford

Natalia Morales-100.jpg

​National School District
Natalia Morales

Jennifer Hamby-100.jpg

​Oceanside Unified School District
Jennifer Hamby

Melanie Nance-100.jpg

​Oceanside Unified School District
Melanie Nance

Mike Bird-100.jpg

​Poway Unified School District
Mike Bird

Stephanie Martin-100.jpg

​Poway Unified School District
Stephanie Martin

​​Crystal Ochoa-100.jpg

​Poway Unified School District
Crystal Ochoa​

Matt Filson-100.jpg

​Ramona Unified School District
Matt Filson

Sara Matthews-100.jpg

​San Diego County Office of Education
​Sara Matthews

Sara Church-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Sara Church

Dennis Gildehaus-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Dennis Gildehaus

Ken Herschman-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Ken Herschman​

Margarita Idos-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Margarita Idos

Khamphet Pease-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Khamphet Pease

Jaimee Rojas-100.jpg

​San Diego Unified School District
Jaimee Rojas

Scott Huntley-100.jpg

​San Dieguito Union High School District
Scott Huntley

Yael Bozzay-100.jpg

​San Marcos Unified School District
Yael Bozzay​​

Marisela Lozano-100.jpg

​San Ysidro School District
Marisela Lozano

Joseph Kemery-100.jpg

​Santee School District
Joseph Kemery Jr.

Monica Rainville-100.jpg

​Solana Beach School District
Monica Rainville

Rebecca Carson-100.jpg

​South Bay Union School District
Rebecca Carson

Amy Cruz-100.jpg

​Sweetwater Union High School District
Amy Cruz

Eric Esperon-100.jpg

​Sweetwater Union High School District
Eric Esperon

Ed Gillet-100.jpg

​Sweetwater Union High School District
Ed Gillet

Helen Keeran-100.jpg

​Sweetwater Union High School District
Helen Keeran

Viana Rodriguez-100.jpg

​Sweetwater Union High School District
Viana Rodriguez

Sarah Songer-100.jpg

​​Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District
Sarah Songer​​​​

Past San Diego County Teachers of the Year
Information for 2015 District Teachers of the Year