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Exams including Subject Matter Competence

CBEST/Basic Skills requirement (BSR)

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is administered by the Evaluation Systems, Pearson.  The exam consists of basic reading, writing, and math skills.  Information and registration for the CBEST exam are available online.  You may also contact Pearson by phone at 916-928-4001.  The written version of the test is given approximately every other month.  Teaching or service credentials require passage of CBEST, CSET: Multiple Subject, plus the writing examination or other approved basic Skills Requirement exams before an application will be accepted if you are California trained.

If you are out-of-state trained, you may qualify for a one-year waiver of the CBEST/BSR requirement.  The CTC Basic Skills Exam Guide is a chart of currently approved out-of-state basic skills exams.  The Commission will update the list as necessary.

Subject Matter Competence

The subject area listed on the out-of-state credential authorization must correspond to a California subject area in order for the commission to issue a credential. If the subject(s) listed on the out-of-state credential are other than "elementary teaching" or "self-contained teaching", a preliminary credential will be issued but the applicant will be required to meet California subject matter requirements before the clear credential may be issued. For greater detail about subject matter competence, refer to CTC leaflet CL-674M (multiple subject) or CL-674S (single subject)

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