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Preliminary CTE Coursework

​​​Required Coursework for Preliminary CTE Credential Candidates (includes CTE and Special Subjects Credentials)

  • Early Program Orientation

  • Foundations

  • CTE Emphasis

  • Portfolio

Coursework that may also be required, if not previously completed:

  • CPR for Infant, Child and Adults (check with local Community Colleges or Red Cross for offerings in your area)​

  • Health Education (can be completed at any Community College or University. Must cover alcohol, tobacco, narcotic and drug prevention as well as nutrition)

  • U.S. Constitution (can be completed at any Community College, University, or state approved online program)

​Please note that all UCSD coursework completed after June 30, 2016, will not be considered towards completion of Clear Credential Requirements. Beginning July 1, 2016, all coursework towards a Clear Designated Subjects Credential is offered through SDCOE.​