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Conversion Application Materials (Vocational -> CTE)

Designated Subjects Vocational/CTE 

Conversion Request Materials

To make a Conversion Request collect all application materials.  Use the following guide as a checklist for your application packet.  To print applications, click on the application.

  • Credential Program Conversion Request Application - Required of all applicants (Information can be typed directly onto this application and then printed or you may print and fill it out by hand.) 
  • CCTC Credential Application - Required of all applicants
  • Temporary County Certificate Application (A120) – Only for teachers at public school districts, contact your employer to obtain the correct form for your county of employment verification that all current standards have been satisfied – required for Clear Vocational Education credential holders only
  • Applicable fees

If at any time you have questions about this application process, please contact either the credential technician in your employing school district or our office for assistance.