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CTE Application Materials

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Use the following guide as a checklist for your application packet. Collect all application materials. All applications will be submitted to your district credential technician.  Apply early, usual processing time is about four weeks after our office receives your application.  To print applications, click on the application.

  • Credential Program Application - Required of all applicants (Information can be typed directly onto this application and then printed or you may print and fill it out by hand.)
  • CCTC Credential Application - Required of all applicants
  • Verification of Live Scan fingerprinting - First time credential applicants only. 
    If you have any questions about where to be fingerprinted or what form to use, contact your district of employment.
    Dual Reporting Live Scan Service Application – Use this form if you are working for a San Diego County school. For information on where to be fingerprinted, please visit the SDCOE Credentials Unit or the California Department of Justice has additional Live Scan stations listed on their website. 
    If your county of employment does not have a Dual Reporting form you can use, please submit the Request for Live Scan Service form.
  • Temporary County Certificate Application – Only for teachers at public school districts, contact your employer to obtain the correct form for your county of employment
  • Intent and Acknowledgement Form
  • Demographic Data Survey 
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Verification
  • Applicable fees

    Verification of three Years of Work Experience* (including Recency**)

  • Verification of Employment – Letters on company letterhead, that contains; the relationship of the person signing the verification, beginning and ending dates of employment, complete description of job duties, and a statement as to whether or not the employment was full-time.  If the employment was for less than full time, the letter needs to give an accounting of the number of hours worked.
    Work experience templates are available for you to use if needed:
  • Official Transcripts – showing relevant coursework (48 semester units equals two years of experience)
  • Advanced Industry Certifications (can equal 1 year of experience)
  • Verification of General Education Teaching Experience (can equal one year of experience) 
          *at least one year must be hands-on experience 
          **Recency = one year within the last five years or two years within the last 10 years

If at any time you have questions about this application process, please contact either the credential technician in your employing school district or our office for assistance.