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Designated Subjects Credentials

  • NOTICE: Effective Jan. 1, 2017, Assembly Bill 1918 will require a Certificate of Clearance on file at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing prior to activation of any Temporary County Certificates (TCC). Applicants for the 30 day Substitute Permit will not need to apply for the Certificate of Clearance as the Permit is typically granted quickly and does not need a Temporary County Certificate.

  • To apply for a Certificate of Clearance, applicants must complete LiveScan fingerprinting (41-LS and Clearinghouse) and then apply online at the Commission of Teachers Credentialing website. The fee for this document is $52.50. Once the Certificate of Clearance is granted, the applicant may apply for their regular credential/permit through our office and claim a $50 fee credit by submitting a copy of the Certificate of Clearance.

  • As of June 30, 2016, we no longer accept UCSD coursework completed after that date towards clearance of your credential. (US Constitution or Health Ed courses are exempt)

The San Diego County Office of Education is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to recommend individuals for Designated Subjects teaching credentials.

Our program is designed to assist candidates and employers throughout the state of California. All coursework and program requirements are available online. ALL application materials are submitted through a partnering employer.

How does this process work?

Unlike Single or Multiple Subject Credentials, the first step to obtaining a Designated Subjects Credential is obtaining employment. You must first be offered a position that requires you to have a particular Designated Subjects Credential. Once employment is secured, your employer's Human Resources office will assist you in applying for the appropriate credential. 

The first credential you will get is a preliminary credential. You must be recommended by an approved Program Sponsor (SDCOE is one). The preliminary credential is valid for three years (five years for ROTC teachers). During that time, you will be expected to complete certain renewal requirements. Once you have completed all these requirements you can be recommended by our office for your clear credential. Your clear credential will be valid for five years and can be renewed by an on-line application with CTC.​

Please look to the upper left hand side of the page for navigation to our pages. These pages include all the information and documents you will need for preliminary and clear credentials, as well as extensions, transfers, and becoming a program partner! We look forward to working with you!