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Teacher Induction Program

​Program Mission Statement

The program's purpose is to provide a safe environment which supports teachers as they grow in their professional practice and transform into lifelong, reflective practitioners. SDCOE Teacher Induction endeavors to build upon teacher preparation experiences and expand skill levels in the ability to reflect on student progress and instructional strategies.


​The San Diego County Office of Education offers a two-year commission approved program to teachers seeking to clear their preliminary credential.​​ California Teacher Induction is a State-led program in conjunction with the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). California Teacher Induction programs are locally designed and implemented.​​​​​​​​​


Enrollment for 2017-18 is closed

  • 2018-19 Interest List will be posted May 2018.
  • SDCOE does not accept day to day substitute teachers in the Induction program. ​
  • SDCOE does not recommend or encourage teachers to concurrentl​y enroll in Induction and a Masters program.


We offer the following California Clear Credential programs:

  • ​Ed Specialist
  • Multiple Subject
  • Single Subject

Program requirements include:

  • ​Possession of a Level 1 or preliminary credential, currently employed and working with a core group of students throughout the school year
  • Demonstrate classroom application of:
    • California Standards for the Teaching Profession​
    • ​Pedagogy 
    • Universal Access 
    • English Learners 
    • Special Populations
    • State Curricular Initiatives​
  • ​Use Haiku LMS for Online content delivery
  • ​Collaborate with m​entor/Support Provider

Those enrolled in the program will receive:

  • Two years of ongoing support by an experienced, highly trained Support Provider (mentor)
  • Job-embedded reflective teaching practice
  • Collaborative opportunities with colleagues​
  • Access to a menu of high quality, relevant professional development
  • Option to earn up to 12 units through contracted universities​
  • A California Clear Credential​ ​

Tuition: ​​

  • ​If the Participating Teacher is paying out of pocket:
    • ​$2,500 per year
    • ​​$3,500 if the teacher qualifies for the Early Completion Option. (See quick link at top right of page.)
  • If the district or school is compensating the Support Provider, the cost is significantly reduced.
    • $1,000 per year for the 2-year and ECO program

We accept payment through credit card only. The amount can be paid in full or through five installments.

​​​​​​​Please contact your district's human resources office to determine your cost. Some districts may assist with payment.​ ​​