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Federal Program Monitoring

Districts and charter schools that receive funding for certain programs may be chosen for a review by the state.  Using an online monitoring tool and on-site or online reviews, California Department of Education reviewers ensure that educational entities are spending their funding as required by law. Following each monitoring review, reviewers provide feedback about any findings of noncompliance and how such findings can be corrected.

The SDCOE supports county districts and charters in preparation and follow-up for their reviews via workshops and individual support.

Williams Settlement

The Williams Lawsuit Settlement, reached in late August 2004 and enacted into law September 2004. The laws ensure that all students have equal access to the basics of a quality education, including textbooks and instructional materials, safe and decent school facilities, qualified teachers, accurate reporting on the School Accountability Report Card, and a Uniform Complaint for alleged violations. The settlement impacts all districts and schools in California and is in line with current goals of equal education opportunities and closing the achievement gap for students in California.

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Every county office of education, district, and charter school governing board is required to have policies and procedures for handling and resolving complaints from students, parents, community members, employees, and other interested parties.  Complaints related to specific programs and concerns, identified by federal and state laws and regulations, are addressed via the Uniform Complaint Procedures.  The UCP Brochure provides more information.

Districts are required to maintain their own UCP complaint logs and to report their Williams Settlement-related complaints via county database.  Quarterly reminders will be sent to appropriate personnel.