​LCAP, SBAC, and the Power of Storytelling


Presenters: Shannon Coulter, Lead Coordinator and Todd Langager, Coordinator, Assessment, Accountability and Evaluation Unit


Description: Now, more than ever, district and school leaders need to communicate a compelling narrative about what is happening in their district or school and where they are headed.  Powerful stories are essential to advancing a cause and motivating and inspiring others to take action. When data is combined with story, we are able to effectively communicate why our work is important and provide real-life examples of what we do, our successes, and the learning that occurs from the setbacks in our journey. This session will focus on how district and site leaders can make change through storytelling. Come join us for an informative and engaging look at how newly crafted Local Control Accountability Plans, newly released assessment results, and local initiatives can be woven together to tell the story of your work and its impact.




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