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Evaluation Skills

Gain support with a specific step in your journey, take a look at the more than a dozen half-day workshops available to support your unique needs. Designed for district and site leaders interested in answering questions about programs and services, these workshops are equal parts content, application, and planning. Applicants will build foundational knowledge and skills around specific topics, methods, and tools of applied evaluation. Click the session titles below to register for the 9 a.m. to noon workshops. 

The workshops are organized based on the five-step evaluation process, so you can determine the best tool for your place in the evaluation process. 

Step 1: Engage StakeholdersStep1-5 Evaluation Process

Engaging Stakeholders workshop

Learn the importance of stakeholder engagement and how to plan and facilitate effective engagement strategies and opportunities.


Step 2: Focus

Developing Program Description workshop

Learn how to describe a program's actions and outcomes in order to inform data collection.


Steps 3 and 4: Collect, Analyze, and Interpret Data

Rapid Data Collection

Get acquainted with five rapid data collection methods and the tools associated with each method.


Data Collection In-Depth: Surveys and Checklists

Explore the why and how of using surveys to collect data along with strategies for analysis.


Data Collection In-Depth: Focus Groups and Interviews

Investigate the why and how of conducting focus groups and interviews along with strategies for analyzing the data.


Data Collection In-Depth: Observation Guides

Discover situations where observation data are appropriate along with tools for collecting observational data and strategies for analysis.

Dec. 14

Step 5: Use

Data Visualization: Design Principles

Understand the power and principles behind presenting data through effective and compelling visualizations.


Data Storytelling:

Discover the power of combining your data with stories and more effectively communicate the why, how, and what of the work you lead.

Data Visualization: Tools and Tips

Learn and explore some user-friendly tools for creating data visualizations that engage and compel audiences.

Jan. 23