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Title I, including Program Improvement

Title I, Part A is the largest categorical funding source for most districts and schools.  Title I is part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the focus is to improve student academic achievement. 

School Choice – Once a school is identified for Program Improvement the district is required implement the requirements of school choice. That means the district must provide all enrolled students the option to transfer from the school in Program Improvement to another public school in the LEA that is not in Program Improvement.  And the district must provide (free) transportation.

Supplemental Educational Services – Schools in Program Improvement Years 2-5 must not only provide school choice, but also allow their low-income students the option to receive free tutoring by approved providers, outside of the school day. Districts must implement the SES program following specific state guidelines. SES is a requirement for all LEAs with schools in Program Improvement Year 2 and above, including Charter schools.​​