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2015 Colonial Williamsburg Lesson Plans


Discovering the Unknown Graves at Jamestown Church.pdf

by: Amanda Goodman ​​

Analyzing the Formation of the Constitution.pdf

by: Jennifer Kirsch 

Spies of the American Revolution.pdf

​by: Shawnda Allen and Astrid Martin 

Discovering our American Story through Historical Fiction Writing.pdf

​by: Marlene Scott 

The Slave Trade in America.pdf

​by: Laura Worthen

Exploring Colonial Trade.pdf

by: ​Michael McEwen and Jessica Newkirk

African Americans in American History.pdf

​by: ​Cara Michel

Colonial Life - Google Slides.pdf

by: Sandy Okugawa and Jin Hong

by: Carolyn Hasselbar

Trade Fair Challenge.pdf

​by: Amanda Collier​

Using Primary Sources ​

by: Colonial Williamsburg Department of Education Outreach 

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