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Elementary aged girl with glasses and hearing aids rasing her hand in class.


​The Mathematics team provides direct services to districts, collaborates with projects and inter-agencies, disseminates materials and resources to support K-12 mathematics literacy, and supports student achievement through district, region and state professional development programs. These activities provide the ongoing training in methodology, curriculum, technology, and assessment that teachers need to provide students throughout the county with a quality mathematics education.

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Click the links below for more information and to register for these events.

Desmos Summer Institute

Charge up your math classes with the Desmos Calculators and Activities.  We will show you how our calculators can be used for both teacher modeling and student problem-solving.  Use movable points, dynamic sliders, quick regression, geometry constructions, and more to help your students make sense of math.  Then learn how the Desmos Activity Builder can help you create dynamic activities as well as use pre-built activities from Desmos itself and its user community.  Click here for more information.

Leading Mathematics

An Administrator's approach to transforming mathematics education: join the next cohort of administrators to deepen your understanding of high-quality math instruction, gain tools and experience in observing math instruction, and learn to provide feedback that can increase the quality of mathematics instruction for all students.

Elementary Mathematics Professional Learning

Mathematics is supposed to make sense! In these workshops, participants will learn how to build mathematical understanding of concepts through high-quality tasks and classroom discussions.

Secondary Mathematics Professional Learning Paths

Explore the right path for your needs, whether you're new to teaching, a veteran in the classroom, or a burgeoning leader. The Mathematics team has developed professional learning opportunities designed for your specific needs. Learn more about the Math Teacher's Path, Master Math Teacher's Path, and Math Leader's Path. Click here to view our brochure.