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Most Valuable Person, Program, or Practice (MVP) of the Month

Peer Evaluations

With large class sizes, it can be difficult for teachers to provide targeted and meaningful feedback for each and every student on a daily basis. It is often easier and more effective for teachers to give students the opportunity to provide feedback to each other. While it may take a little training up front, the results of peer evaluation can be staggering. Here are a few steps to make it happen:
  • Provide students with the cues (or rubric) used to describe correct technique of a skill or understanding of a concept. Keep it to no more than five cues. Simplify the descriptors for each cue.
  • While one student (or group of students) is performing a skill, another coaches by analyzing their partner's work, using the description of cues (or rubric) to determine what is being done well and what needs some improvement. 
  • The coach uses the academic language of the cues and descriptors (or rubric) to tell peers at least one thing done well and one thing to improve. Vague comments like "good job" are not allowed. Coaches have to use academic language.
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Past MVPs

  • January 2018: Schools & After-Schools Domain of the San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
  • December 2017: Lynn Barnes-Wallace (San Diego Unified School District)
  • November 2017: Melissa Beninger and Tamara Miller (San Marcos Unified School District)
  • October 2017: Alice Birney and Rosa Parks Elementary School (San Diego Unified School District)
  • September 2017: Communicating the student learning outcome
  • August 2017: Jamila Demby (Chula Vista School District)
  • June 2017: Christopher Ahrens (San Diego Unified School District)
  • May 2017: Robin Carby
  • April 2017: Dennis Gildehaus
  • March 2017: Cindi Elrod

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