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English Language Arts/Literacy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ELA Team develops adaptive expertise in instruction and leadership in English Language Arts and Literacy. Our services are designed to support district-wide implementation of the CA Standards  and are anchored in the California ELA/ELD Framework. We provide professional learning, customized support and technical assistance for districts and schools. We also host the ELA District Leaders Network.

NEW Professional Learning Opportunities

Coming Soon!  Building Reading Capacity in Each and Every Student in Each and Every Class

Secondary Literacies Alignment (SLA) establishes a coherent approach to reading and writing instruction within an integrated ELD context. In this workshop, middle and high school teachers of science, history/social science, English and technical subjects will learn not-so-difficult-to-implement reading routines that simultaneously build content knowledge and skills in comprehension, collaboration, meaning making, and communication.


Guided Reading, Dr. Jan Richardson

Jan Richardson Ph.D., best-selling author and America’s leading expert in guided reading. She is a former teacher (Kindergarten through college), reading specialist, Reading Recovery® teacher leader, and designer of staff development. She is an education consultant, providing schools across the U.S. and Canada with customized workshops and classroom demonstrations. 

Many of our fourth through eighth grade students still have much to learn about the reading process, themselves as readers, and how texts work. They also may have developed and habituated “bad” reading habits that get in the way of becoming skilled, lifelong readers…but we can put them back on the path to independence! In this session we will spend time learning together and applying our learning with students.

TK-2 Literacy Institute, April 17-18, 2018

Through powerful first instruction and strong leadership, you can ensure that each and every student at your site enters third grade reading proficiently and independently.  In this institute, you will learn methods to help you give your students the tools they need to become independent learners, and capable TK-2 readers and writers.  Real, hands-on experiences help teachers and leaders discover how children learn to read, best practices in reading instruction, and the use of formative assessment to guide instruction.

Running Records2018_04_26_Running_Records_flier_thumbnail.jpg Workshops, April 26, 2018

In these sessions participants will analyze reading using running records. Participants will practice examining running records for evidence of sources of information used and neglected by reading in Spanish and English. Also, participants will apply running records as a part of the formative assessment process to guide their instruction.participants will practice looking fro trends and patterns across language in order to determine next steps for instruction.



Guided Reading Plus Intervention, Grades K-2 

In this course, participants will learn the intervention framework and the specialized procedures for implementing Guided Reading Plus as a component of Comprehensive Intervention Model developed by the Center for Literacy at UALR., During each 8 week cycle of Guided Reading Plus, teachers will work with small-groups at least three times per week using a range of diagnostic student assessments to monitor student's process during the intervention. Certification from St. Mary's College is available for an extra fee. 

Dyslexia Intervention, May 2 and 9, 2018

During this two-day professional learning, teachers will explore an intervention for targeted students who experience moderate to severe difficulties with literacy development, including dyslexia. The multisensory lesson components include phonological awareness, reading and writing. One Graduate university unit available for an additional $310.

Find Expository Reading and Writing detail here.jpgExpository Reading and Writing (ERWC), Grades 7-12

Develop students' ability to integrate knowledge from complex texts into reading, writing, listening/speaking, and language. Understand the way in which ERWC methodology and materials are aligned to Common Core and engage in collegial professional learning.

The San Diego County Office of Education now offers CIM, a portfolio of literacy interventions, in partnership with St. Mary's College Kalmanovitz School of Education. Develop expertise in any or all of these interventions: 

          •  Reading Recovery (grade 1)

          •  Guided Reading Plus (grades 1-6)

          •  Comprehension Focus Group (grades 3-12)

          •  Dyslexia Intervention ( grades 1-3)