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Advanced SDAIE

Advanced SDAIE is a dynamic four-day professional learning series for teachers of English learners. The series focuses on modeling and practicing brain-based, scaffolded strategies. The strategies for engagement provide teachers with structures for their English learners to work collaboratively and become involved in the learning, “doing the work.” The training examines an effective lesson sequence to assist English learners in accessing content. Teachers participate in professional dialogue to plan the incorporation of strategies, reflect on the implementation of strategies, and share ideas. The four days are scheduled with four to six weeks between sessions to allow teachers to implement and practice strategies.

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Strategy Description

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Session Topics

  • Session 1 – The Big Picture -- Instructional scaffolds, instructional sequence: prepare the learner; interact with text; extend understanding; professional reflection
  • Session 2 – Fun Stuff for Academic Oral Language: Structuring Communicative Competence
  • Session 3 – Instructional Frontloading
  • Session 4 – The “I” Has It! – Interacting with Text


“There is nothing more practical than a good theory.” – Kurt Lewin, psychologist.

The creators of Advanced SDAIE identified the following beliefs that helped shape and inform the construction of the professional development.

Scaffolded, brain-based strategies
Reflect, review, revisit, repeat
Validation of relationships
Interaction, interaction, interaction
Culture and communication
Expectations that are high and supported (A. Walqui)

Trainer of Trainers

Interested in your district or site staff conducting Advanced SDAIE training? Trainers attend a three-day institute in June and three additional full-day trainings held throughout the year. In addition to the Trainer of Trainer cost, districts pay a per-participant fee to SDCOE for each teacher.

It's preferred that trainers have an extensive background working with English learners and conducting professional development.

Terry Barron