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​​​​​​​​​​School counselors have a critical role in our schools, especially now with LCAPs focused on college and career readiness and the important work of equity for our students. Through SDCOE, you can get professional learning tailored to your unique needs, network with other school counselors, and gain valuable resources for you, your students, and your colleagues.

Register now for the 2017 School Counselor Leadership Conference on Feb. 14. 

School Counselor Leadership Conference in partnership with the Western Association for College Admission Counseling on Feb. 14

2017 School Counselor Leadership Conference

Tuesday, Feb. 14 Agenda
  • Registration/Continental Breakfast 
  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Three Rounds of Breakout Sessions
  • Lunch and College Fair
  • Three Power Rounds 
  • Team Planning Time

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Breakout Sessions

NOTE: Presentations are still being confirmed. The list below is a working document and is subject to change prior to the event. 

Spice Up School Counseling Classroom Lessons with Student Engagement Strategies

Want to ensure your students are engaged and learning while you’re presenting school counseling core curriculum lessons? This session will teach participants ways to plan, implement, and evaluate your school counseling lessons while using a variety of student engagement strategies. Learn and practice different active participation techniques during this interactive session, and leave with a plan of ways to incorporate a variety of strategies into your class lessons at all levels (K-12).

  • Presenter: Danielle Duarte, San Diego State University
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Support Groups and Peer Counseling Programs: Yes You Can!

This session will show how to start support groups and peer counseling programs and how to get buy-in and support from your staff. Learn how these programs can be effective and efficient ways of delivering social emotional supports.Get tools you can take with you to start a program that meets the needs of your students and your school.

  • Presenter: Ann Nebolon, San Dieguito Union High School District
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Building an Effective School Counseling Program Through Use of Data

The aim of this presentation is to provide a foundational overview for school counselors of all levels to build comprehensive school counseling programs that align with the American School Counseling Association's (ASCA) National Model. Participants will leave with ideas on how to identify, disaggregate and use academic, discipline and attendance data to implement school wide programs and intentional guidance that serve ALL students!

  • Presenter: Pedro Caro, North Mountain Middle School (San Jacinto Unified)
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Resources to Support for Foster Youth in Your School!

Attendees will learn the basic process of the child welfare system as it relates to the foster students they work with. They will also gain information regarding laws created to protect the educational rights of students in the foster care system. Finally, attendees will walk away with practical ideas on programs they can implement at their school sites to help support foster youth and their families as a means of improving academic and social/emotional outcomes.

  • Presenter: Ashley Kruger, Murrieta Valley Unified School District
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Increasing "A-G" Completion with Freshmen African American Students: A Cultural Approach

This presentation will give high school counselors very specific strategies, activities, and curriculum for running an ASCA Model Closing the GAP group with freshmen African American students. Best practices, resources, and reproducible lessons will be shared. An overview on cultural and ethnic barriers will be addressed as well as tips on dealing with push back, and bias.

  • Presenter: Nava Yuridia, Riverside Unified School District
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

College Admission Case Study

Attendees will review 3 mock admission files and determine who will be admitted, denied and waitlisted with the guidance of admission professionals.

  • Presenter: Terri Devine, Francis Parker School
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

College and Career Planning with Naviance and Family Connection

This presentation will teach beginning Naviance users and schools interested in learning more about the uses of Naviance how to utilize key functions within Naviance to develop a more comprehensive College and Career counseling program and curriculum. Areas covered include student and parent communication, 4-year course plans, tasks, scholarships, college visits, college & career planning and research, transcripts, rec letters, reports, surveys, alumni tracker and more!

  • Presenter: Shannon Roberts, Steele Canyon High School
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

Find What You Should Be Looking For

Are you dealing with too many students and not enough information? Do you sometimes start at the end of your alpha “just because”? Are “D/F” reports too little too late? Aren’t you getting tired of firefighting? This program demonstrates how to extract critical data, sort it to your preferences, and identify each of your students. A basic understanding of Aeries query and mid-level Excel (or that collective knowledge at your site) is important. For other databases the concepts presented should prove valuable.

  • Presenter: Peter Kramer, Vista Unified School District
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

Countywide College and Career Outreach for High School Foster Youth Students

Participants will learn about countywide outreach efforts targeting our foster care population to pursue post-secondary education programs in San Diego County. These services and programs are specifically designed to improve the educational outcomes of foster youth and increase collaboration with high school outreach efforts.

  • Presenter: Mindy Kukich, Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program, SDCOE
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

Safe School Ambassadors: Training Your Students to be Undercover Superheroes 

Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) is a program that trains students to notice different types of mistreatment, think about what is going on, act to resolve the issue and follow through with an action. This presentation is designed to inform educators about SSA, share the impact it has had on the campus of Steele Canyon High School and discuss how to implement an SSA program at other schools.

  • Presenter: Matt Udvarhelyi, Steele Canyon High School
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

LCAP, ASCA Mindsets and Advocacy: Standardizing Counseling Practices Districtwide

Sweetwater Union High School District counselors will share their journey in developing a Counselor Standards Committee which supports their district LCAP goals and the ASCA National Standards. This led to the advocacy of student needs and lowering the counseling caseload from 400 to 360. The Counselor Standards Committee aims to standardize counseling practices and data collection at all school sites within the SUHSD. Participants will engage in conversation on how to implement similar practices in their school districts.

  • Presenter: Liliana Silva Diaz, Sweetwater Union High School District
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

Using The College Board Programs to Drive College and Career Readiness

The College Board provides a variety of tools and resources, as well as programs to support college and career readiness and access for students. The College Board programs support student progress toward college and career readiness beginning in middle school through high school. We recognize that college readiness isn’t a moment in time, and that it is a culmination of hard work and perseverance. In today’s session, we will go over SAT suite of assessments, AP programs, Khan Practice, and how The College Board programs support access to post-secondary opportunities. 

  • Presenter: Megan Rafferty, The College Board
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

Non-Traditional Activities to Engage Youth

This interactive workshop will focus on creative outlets to engage youth in dialogue, reflective art, and creative writing. The activities presented will focus on middle and high school youth.

  • Presenter: Nashona Andrade-Seals, Our Mommies Hands
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

The Role of School Counselors within the New Accountability Systems Professional Learning 

ESSA, LCAP, LCFF…what do all these acronyms mean?! This presentation will help hone your skills regarding interpretation of your district's Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and how school counselors can advocate within the updated accountability framework. Through step-by-step LCAP interpretation and examples of how school counselors used their LCAP to advocate for their students, participants will walk away with ideas of how their role fits within their district’s plan. Information will also be provided about the updated California Education Code regarding the role of school counselors and the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as it impacts California.

  • Presenter: Danielle Duarte, San Diego State University
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

NAMI on Campus High School

NAMI on Campus High School (NCHS) is an innovative program that empowers high school students to become change makers in raising awareness of mental health and reducing stigma in their schools. Developed in partnership with the California Department of Education, NCHS aims to provide students with a platform, tools, resources, and local relationships with their NAMI Affiliate to create a more accepting and positive climate on campus. Join us to learn more about NCHS and hear from NCHS student leaders who have witnessed a reduction in the stigma towards mental illness as a result of their efforts.

  • Presenter: Beth Wolf, NAMI CA
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors


#LoveOurDaughters is an interactive workshop for 5th-grade girls and a parent or guardian. Adults learn to STEW with their tween and how to keep communication lines open. This workshop session is designed to give elementary school counselors and administrators materials and generate ideas on how to implement this event at their schools.

  • Presenter: Tami Johnson, Cajon Valley Union School District
  • Target Audience: Elementary school counselors

Saving School Counselors with Clever Marketing

When money is tight, school counseling programs are sometimes the first things to go. This is often because principals, teachers, and other stakeholders have no idea what it is we do or the impact that it makes schoolwide! According to the ASCA national model, school counselors should be spending time advocating for themselves and their programs. Participants will gain easy marketing tools that will help showcase all of the hard work that cousnelors do on a daily basis! Keep your staff and parents informed and give them a reason to fight for their school counselor when budget cuts come around. 

  • Presenter: Carla MacDougall, Poway Unified School District
  • Target Audience: Elementary and middle school counselors

Developing Cultural Competence Among School Counseling Graduate Candidates

This presentation illustrates the significance of preparing culturally sensitive school counselors for service in our culturally diverse K-12 schools. The presentation demonstrates how school counseling candidates were engaged in the development of cultural competence using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) instrument.

  • Presenter: Dione Taylor, Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Youth Mental Health First Aid At-A-Glance

You’re more likely to encounter someone — a friend, family member, student, or neighbor— in an emotional or mental crisis than someone having a heart attack. Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches a five-step action plan to help you offer initial help to young people showing signs of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self-help care. Learn about an eight-hour certification course that teaches participants the risk factors and warning signs of a variety of mental health challenges common among adolescents. 

  • Presenter: Violeta Mora, San Diego County Office of Education
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Tech Tips for School Counselors

Gain simple communication tools for reaching students, parents, and teachers using free technology such as Google forms, sites, REMIND, and more.

  • Presenter: Tanya Bulette, Valhalla High School
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

Hitting the Mark: Our Kids in the Middle

Create a dialogue and tactical approach to the college admissions process with potential college-ready juniors who need a little boost.

  • Presenter: Dena Tracanna, Poway Unified School District
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

Recommendation Writing 101

Counselors will be guided through writing effective letters of recommendation and receive samples of letters.

  • Presenter: Terri Devine, Francis Parker School
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

Helping students to write college essays

Attendees will learn how essays are used in the college process and how to effectively guide students through the writing process.

  • Presenter: Terri Devine, Francis Parker School
  • Target Audience: High school counselors An Online Platform for 21st-Century College and Career Counseling

This session will introduce the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI), provide an overview of the college and career planning tools available for free to parents, students, and educators on our website and 3) inform educators on the additional data tool functionalities and benefits that are available to districts that are formal partners.

  • Presenter: Kristina Acevedo, California College Guidance Initiative 
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

Girls Rock! Planning an Empowering Leadership Conference for Your Female Students

For the last four years, our department has put on a leadership conference for young girls. It is a day long conference with motivational speakers and activities designed to empower girls to gain a healthy self-image, form healthy relationships, learn how to keep themselves safe (physically and online), connect with each other, and consider their future career paths. Our presentation will provide counselors and administrators with many resources to plan their own conference at their sites as well as ideas for follow up to keep the momentum going!

  • Presenter: Laura Dawson
  • Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

High School Career Pathway Marketing and Recruitment Strategies

How do you currently recruit students into the high school career pathways at your site? Do you have concerns about getting information out to students, parents, and school leadership? At this session we will look at resources and strategies to address your recruitment and marketing needs and look at regional best practices.

Presenter: Jewly Clark, San Diego County Office of Education

Target Audience: Middle and high school counselors

Understanding the Military Interstate Compact and how LEAs can support military students

Military families transfer at various times throughout the year. Military personnel can relocate so often their children could attend up to 9 different schools by graduation. Navy School Liaison Officers (SLO) serve as the primary point of contact for educators, parents, and installation commanders, addressing K-12 issues and developing a collaborative network of support for military students. This session will focus on the 7 core services of the SLOs, addressing various resources and tools to support military families, such as the Military Interstate Compact, and best practices used by educators to support the military child.

  • Presenter: Chanin Massaglia, US Navy
  • Target Audience: Elementary, middle, and high school counselors

Supporting Access to Higher Education for Immigrant and Undocumented Students

The session will review the various intuitional barriers faced by undocumented and immigrant students in the educational system and showcase the work of SDSU faculty, community partners, school counseling alumni, and others as they coordinate efforts to educate individuals in the state and nation to ensure access and equity to higher education. Participants learn about the work and research being done from national and local advocates and experts focusing on the rights, laws, and policies to support immigrant and undocumented students.

  • Presenter: Diana Camilo
  • Target Audience: High school counselors

What is AB 216? Are you allowed to accept it at your school?

AB 216 allows Foster Youth and Incarcerated Youth the opportunity to graduate with their class. What does that look like for the comprehensive schools receiving these students with the aid of AB 2276.

  • Presenter: Dawn Ayles, San Diego SOAR Academy, Momentum Learning, SDCOE
  • Target Audience: High School Counselors

Trauma Informed response to suicidal ideation & self-injury

A practical trauma informed approach to assessing and providing resources/interventions for students with suicidal ideation as well as students with self-injurious behavior.

  • Presenter: Amy Budd, San Diego Youth Services
  • Target Audience: Middle and High School

Leadership doesn't alwas come in a title: Find your true passion.

Students often look for the "right" organization, the "right" title, the "right" type of community service to do in order to access the "right" college. How can we as counselors encourage students to leverage their natural talents to find their passion and thrive? Join me in this presentation.

  • Presenter: Cynthia Colon
  • Target Audience: Middle and High School Counselor

Going from Fair to Great- Making Your College Fair a ‘Can’t Miss’ Event

Putting on a college fair with a variety of institutions for your students to explore can be a challenge. This session will provide ideas to maximize college representation and student engagement.

  • Presenter: Veronica Leyva, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Target Audience: High School

Using Technology and Student Support to Streamline the Work Day

Two high school counselors will share their experiences using online scheduling programs (, that have helped streamline their day, allowing more time to work directly with students. Two OLP seniors will also highlight their student-run ambassador program, one that facilitates all college visits and fairs held on the OLP campus.

  • Presenter: Nicholle Wyatt, Our Lady of Peace Academy
  • Target Audience: High School

Out of State - NOT Out of Reach!

Attending college beyond student's home state has gone from improbable to highly possible. This informative and entertaining presentation covers in-state choices, out-of-state options, the top reasons students choose a college, the various costs, financial aid and scholarship opportunities including WUE (pronounced “woo-wee”) the Western Undergraduate Exchange.

  • Presenter: Gary Bednorz, University of New Mexico
  • Target Audience: High School

The Keys to Success for your College-Bound Student-Athletes

Advising students vs guiding student-athletes are two different experiences that require very different sets of counseling expertise. We will explain, along with other topics, the unique and optimum recruiting timeline for athletes, which is especially crucial for high academic athletes. Then, understanding HOW an athlete can initiate his own recruiting experience, an unfamiliar step that keeps most athletes from ever being recruited, will be discussed by introducing attendees to a “5 Step Program” for college-bound athletes. Use of this “program” by high school counselors can be invaluable when workloads severely limit time available to counsel each individual athlete.

  • Presenter: David Stoeckel, College Reqcruiting Group
  • Target Audience: High School

College Board Update on the New SAT

In the first six months after its launch, more than 41,000 K12 educators logged into the College Board’s Online Educator Score Reporting Portal. This data-rich tool offers detailed, focused information to make reporting and score access easier than ever. The session will also provide an update and best practices for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Learn how your colleagues are using these resources to streamline their work and better support students.

  • Presenter: Alicia Ortega, College Board
  • Target Audience: High School

Debunking the Myth of the Starving Artist: the Economic Power of Creative Majors and Careers

Performing and Visual artists are unsung powerhouses in today's economy. Come learn more about the unique and essential value artists bring to our world, and how to best support young creatives in their search for the right fit college major and career path.

  • Presenter: Laura Young, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
  • Target Audience: High School

Study in the UK: What you need to know

An introduction to the differences between US and UK Higher Education, guidance on how to apply, how to write your counsellor reference, what UK Universities are looking for in applicants and how to best prepare your students. This can be delivered remotely or in-person.

  • Presenter: Iain Harris, Northumbria University
  • Target Audience: High School

Reducing Anxiety in College Admissions and Standardized Testing

This session explores various methods to reduce anxiety in college admissions and standardized testing, with a focus on teaching growth-mindset.

  • Presenter: Nick Standlea, Test Prep Gurus
  • Target Audience: High School

Learn about Bachelor Degrees at CA Community Colleges

15 California Community College districts to establish a pilot baccalaureate degree program at one of their colleges in a field of study not offered by the California State University or University of California.

  • Presenter: Leroy Johnson, San Diego Mesa College
  • Target Audience: High School

Getting Students to Realize Their Story Matters -- see where SDCOE has theirs or delete!!

Students often struggle with acknowledging their story matters. In this workshop, participants will gain tools on how to engage students with discovering their own personal narratives and turning them into their college personal statements.

  • Presenter: Richard Reyes, PLUS ME Project
  • Target Audience: High School

What test scores really tell you about students: A case study

There is endless buzz around test scores, but aside from percentile rankings, what do they really tell you? Learn from test preparation specialists who has worked with a variety of students to gain a deeper understanding of what the certain scores -- in conjunction with GPA and courseload -- can reveal about a student.

  • Presenter: Joyee Lin, Thinque Prep
  • Target Audience: High School

Overview of Financial Aid

Comprehensive overview of the financial aid process.

  • Presenter: Corinne Schell, Marist College
  • Target Audience: High School

New CSU Application - Fall 2017

After 20 years with the same on-line application for admission (CSUMentor) the California State University system has undertaken an exciting project to completely re-imagine the application and provide an updated applicant experience. To recognize this significant change, the new application name will be Cal State Apply ( Come to this session to learn more about this exciting project including the timing, changes to the applicant experience, overall application changes, and our plans to support counselors through this transition.

  • Presenter: TBD
  • Target Audience: High School

Effective College Counseling for LD kids

How to assist LD students through the college search and application process

  • Presenter: Nancy Olah, Santa Fe Christian High School
  • Target Audience: High School

Professional Learning

Counselors and Curriculum

Registration is open for the new Counselors and Curriculum series beginning Nov. 9. This is a quarterly series of workshops serving breakfast, coffee, and conversation with content specialists. Build your awareness and knowledge of new changes in curriculum and instruction as it applies to your role with this new series.

Register for individual sessions:

January 11, 2017 - Mathematics, health and physical education, and expanded learning

March 14, 2017 - English learners and proficiency assessments, world languages, biliteracy, and science

May 19, 2017 - History-social science, English language arts, and Momentum Learning, a portfolio of schools operated by SDCOE

New School Counselor Leadership Institute

If you've been hired as a school counselor in the past three year, this unique offering is for you. The New School Counselor Leadership Institute provides professional learning and support custom-made for those new to the field. 

The current New School Counselor Leadership Institute is full.  

Please check back with us in 2017 for the opportunity to register for the 2017-2018 cohort. 

This professional learning opportunity is split into six sessions across the school year and the content aligns with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behavior Standards in the areas of academic, career, and social/emotional development. Topics include:

  • Building a school guidance program
  • How to advise students in college and career
  • Empowering students in the cyber world
  • Facilitating student groups
  • Youth mental health first aid


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Resources from the 2016 School Counselor Leadership Conference

There were nearly 250 people and more than 30 presenters at the first San Diego County School Counselor Leadership Conference​​​ on May 25, 2016. Thanks to our partners, presenters, and the school counselors and educators that made it a success. 

2016 Session Presentations and Resources ​

Student Voices Panel: High School to College Transition (HS)

Attendees will hear about the journey of first-generation college students as they moved from high school to post-secondary education, and in what ways they could have been better prepared for the challenges of that transition. 

Presenter: Dr. Heather Lattimer, University of San Diego (USD) Panel: Sinai Cota, graduate student, USD; Francisco "Panchito" Martinez, student, San Diego State University (SDSU); Alejandro Contreras, senior, CSU San Marcos; Epiphany Alford, freshman, Mesa College; Jaron Floyd, freshman, SDSU

9th-Grade Student ​Success Programs (MS, HS)

The academic and social-emotional transition to high school can be challenging for some 9th-grade students. Session attendees will learn how to organize and create a Freshmen Success Week, empower 11th- and 12th-grade student leaders, and learn new ways to collect data and share results.

Presenter: Tanya Bulette, Valhalla High School

Human Trafficking in America's Schools (ES, MS, HS)

Child trafficking and exploitation is complex, and it is important that professionals in schools understand nuances, causal factors, and potential responses. This session will review basic concepts of trafficking and exploitation and offer strategies for assessing and developing the capacity for a coordinated response.

Presenter: Jenee' Littrell, San Mateo County Office of Education

Let's Get Ready for College! Strategies for Elementary and Middle School Counselors (ES, MS)

College and career exploration and preparedness is essential for students to begin in elementary school. This session will provide specific core curriculum classroom lessons, activities and events, and resources for the K-8 level. 

Presenter: Danielle Duarte, Potter Junior High School and California Association of School Counselors (CASC)

Selective College Admission (HS)                                                                                

Attendees will take part in a mock application review session to see how admission decisions are made at selective colleges.

Presenters: Ed Devine, Lafayette College, and Terri Devine, Francis Parker School

Equity in Evaluation of International Transcripts (HS)                                           

In this session, we will look at protocols, structures, and resources to help evaluate and ensure equity for international students.

Presenters: Michele Estill and Rebeca McMillan, Grossmont Union High School District

Parent Engagement Strategies: Developing a College-Going Culture to Attract Latino Parents  

Attendees will learn how to promote college-going activities that attract and engage Latino parents by developing excellent resources, strategies, and tools. This session will include proven methods and techniques that yield exceptional results for your student and parent population.

Presenter: Roxanne Ocampo, Quetzal Mama Scholars

Embedding a Culture of College and Career Readiness Throughout Your School (MS, HS)

In this session, participants will explore how EPIC's Four Keys to College and Career Readiness can be used by counselors to leverage the resources needed to develop and sustain a culture where students graduate ready for success after high school.

Presenters: Matt Coleman and Brandi Kujala-Peterson, Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC)

School-Based Trauma Informed Care: Nuts and Bolts (ES, MS, HS)                                 

This session will delve into key concepts related to trauma informed school services, research into the effects of trauma, key elements of the trauma informed approach, and how to apply elements to the school setting.

Presenter: Michelle Atkins, San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD)     

School Counselors and the Power of Collaboration with Their AVID Program (MS, HS)

Attendees will explore valuable resources and ideas for collaborating with the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program as a way to help students reach their post-secondary goals, including UC/CSU A-G completion.  

Presenter: Catalina Cifuentes, Riverside County Office of Education

The Summer After Graduation: An Opportunity or Obligation? (HS)                          

Attendees will explore ways to make the summer between high school graduation and on-time college matriculation an important and fruitful period during which to support students on the pathway to post-secondary education. 

Presenters: Kristy Eagle and Scott Birkestrand, San Diego State University​

Who's Eligible for Section 504? An Overview for Proper Placement (ES, MS, HS)

It can be difficult for 504 teams to determine whether a student is eligible for services because of the number of questions they must ask and consider. During this session, participants will gain insights into their obligations in areas such as eligibility, child find, temporary impairments, and over-identification.

Presenter: Don Buchheit, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)​

Comprehensive School Guidance Programs (ES, MS, HS) 

Using the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, this session will look at the major components of a comprehensive school guidance program for all grade levels, a sample scope and sequence, how to move your program out of reactive mode, using data, and intervening for at-risk youth. 

Presenter: Tami Johnson, Cajon Valley Union School District

Learn, Explore, Grow, Focus, Apply: The Common Application and the Path to College Enrollment (HS)

The Common Application has long been a leader in the college application with nearly 700 member colleges and more than one million students and recommenders. This session will include updates on the Common Application system and a discussion of access initiatives from virtual advising to the FAFSA. 

Presenters: Chris White, High Tech High and The Common Application, and Sally Asbille, USD

How to Make the Most Out of Your College and Career Centers (MS, HS) 

Participants will learn how to work collaboratively to establish a college and career space on campus and provide students and families access to services during and after school hours.

Presenter: Denise Cabanilla, Imperial County Office of Education

Changes at the College Board: SAT Suite of Assessments, AP Potential, and Data Reporting (MS, HS)                

Participants will leave this session with an understanding of the new SAT Suite of Assessments, how to best use AP Potential to grow AP programs, and how to access and utilize the K-12 Assessment Reporting Tool.

Presenters: Lynn Dodd and Krista Dornbush, College Board

Countywide College and Career Outreach for High School Foster Youth Students (HS)     

Participants will learn about programs in San Diego County, including College Connection, designed to improve the educational outcomes of foster youth and increase higher education and community collaboration to improve high school outreach efforts.

Presenters: Violeta Mora, SDCOE; Laurie Orr, CSU San Marcos; Pam Fleming, Cuyamaca College; Angela Aceves, Promises2Kids; and Rashida Elimu, Promises2Kids

Preparing Yourself for the Implementation of Prior-Prior: FAFSA and Other Financial Aid Updates (HS)

​Attendees will learn more about prior-prior year data and the benefits and challenges of the recent policy change in FAFSA submission. Explore the implications for school counselors and college admission officers.
Presenter: Linda Doughty, Cal-SOAP

Exploring Strengths, Interests, and Values (ES, MS, HS)                                                              

T​his interactive session will mirror the types of activities used in the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab with middle school students as they begin to discover their unique Strengths, Interests, and Values. Connect with us on Twitter @Thinkabit_Lab or @EdHidalgoSD.

Presenter: Ed Hidalgo, Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab

How Work-Based Learning Builds 21st Century Skills (ES, MS, HS)

During this session, we will debunk myths about what it takes to succeed in today's economy and introduce participants to the proven ability of career technical education and work-based learning to make students more college and career ready. 

Presenters: Sonia Lira, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, and Flora Barron, Junior Achievement of San Diego County

Got Student-Athletes? NCAA Eligibility Center Overview and Updates (HS) 

Particip​ants will get an overview of NCAA initial-eligibility requirements, the core-course review process, how school counselors can best support prospective student-athletes, and important changes coming to Division I in 2016 and Division II in 2018. 

Presenter: Dr. Erika Cameron and Dr. Ian Martin, USD​

No More Trial by Fire                                                                                                                        

Become familiar with an optional district-level orientation model and support for school counselors with a school counseling staff presentation, timeline, and an orientation agenda.

Presenter: Tami Johnson, Cajon Valley Unified School District

Students Who Self-Harm: A Countywide Protocol                                                                 

Learn about a countywide protocol that includes law enforcement, hospitals, mental health professionals, and educators to support students who show signs of self-harm.

Presenter: Jenee' Littrell, San Mateo County Office of Education

University Admission Reception​                                                                                            

Discover how to identify students who have been admitted to four-year universities and coordinate a reception to celebrate their success.

Presenter: Denise Cabanilla, Imperial County Office of Education

AP Student Ambassadors: Promoting Equity and Access in Honors and AP      

Learn how to design your own student-led recruitment initiative specifically for underrepresented populations in Honors and AP as one way to work to close the "participation gap."

Presenters: Tiffany Campbell, Adam Dawson, and Bill Zeigler, San Marcos High School

PSAT Score Analysis: Opening the Door to Possibilities                                                        

Get the steps to guide your students beyond the PSAT number and into understanding what information the test provides regarding career or college choices.

Presenter: Pixie Sulser, Ramona Unified School District

Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS)                                                                                   

Explore the PLUS program and how it creates a positive school climate where inclusion is a reality for everyone, and utilizes the natural channels of peer influence to address critical issues. PLUS Calendar, PLUS Survey Results, PLUS Survey blank

Presenter: Cherryl Baker, SMUSD

​How to Write a Great Letter of Recommendation                                                   

Learn what admission officers need to see in counselor and teacher recommendation letters, and receive sample letters to guide your writing.

Presenter: Terri Devine, Francis Parker School

Counseling Interns: Practical Ways to Utilize and Get the Most from Your Intern  

Discover how to find interns, be a successful supervisor of school counseling students, determine meaningful activities, and guide interns effectively. 

Presenter: Dr. Erika Cameron, USD  

Using for Career and College Planning                                            

Learn quick, ready-to-use tools to help your students take career and interest surveys, explore careers and colleges, and create online portfolios.

Presenter: Lisa Stout, SMUSD

Using Technology Tools

​Gather simple communication tools for reaching students, parents, and teachers using free technology and online resources.

Presenter: Tanya Bulette, Valhalla High School​