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Teachable Moment


​“Teachable Moment” videos are short explainers featuring subject matter experts from across SDCOE tackling hot topics in education. The segments are released every other Tuesday on SDCOE’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and are archived below.

Episode OneWhere Can Parents Find information on College Scholarships?

Featuring Counseling Coordinator Tracy Wilson
Featuring Executive Director, Early Education Programs and Services Lucia Garay
Featuring Senior Director, Assessment, Accountability, and Evaluation Steve Green

Featuring Coordinator, Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Mara Madrigal-Weiss

Episode Five: Why are Visual and Performing Arts Important?

Featuring Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts Pauline Crooks

Episode Six: What is a career pathway? Why is it important?

Featuring Director, College and Career Readiness Brian Butler