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San Diego Child Care and Development Planning Council Local Priorities

​​Annual Zip Code Priorities Report:  Annually local priorities for future funding are updated by Zip Codes as part of the Planning Council duties.

ZIP Code Priorities — 2017 (PDF)

Voluntary Temporary Transfer of Funds  (VTTF) External and Internal Processes (PDF)

Subsidized Child Care Supply/Demand Data San Diego County [Needs Assessment Survey]

Introduction:  The data in this document were gathered as part of the mandate of the San Diego County Child Care and Development Planning Council to report to the California Department of Education (CDE) which areas in the county should have the highest priority when CDE issues new grants for two CDE run subsidized programs called General Child Care, also called center-based care and State Preschool.  This report is done every five years.

If you have any questions regarding these materials, please contact:

Virginia Hartnett
San Diego County Office of Education
Early Education Program Specialist


Jane Zottolo
San Diego County
Health & Human Services Agency
1255 Imperial Avenue, Suite 743
San Diego, CA 92101