Celebrate 70 years of outdoor education

 6th Grade Campiversary

This year marks the 70th year of 6th Grade Camp, operated by the San Diego County Office of Education. 

That's 25,550 days of teaching students to learn about, appreciate, and respect nature, science, and our natural resources. 

And it is why we are celebrating Campiversary all year with you!

If you grew up in San Diego, you, your siblings, your friends, and your children probably went to 6th Grade Camp. Those lasting memories are still with you now. Share your 6th Grade Camp experiences with us. Send your stories, pictures, and journals. Then take a hike​ down memory lane!

Help keep 6th Grade Camp available for all children, because not all San Diego County students get that experience now. Learn more about the Outdoor Education Foundation​, a nonprofit working to fund the 6th Grade Camp experience for underserved students.