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Career Technical Education-Regional Occupational Program

The San Diego County Career Technical Education and Regional Occupational Program (CTE-ROP) has been offering occupational training programs since 1969. Teachers are credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

San Diego County CTE-ROP provides leadership for other career preparation initiatives in order to develop a comprehensive school-to-career system. These include Tech Prep, Carl Perkins, School-to-Career, Post-Secondary Articulation, Career Academies, worksite learning and the development of career paths and career majors.

Over 265 courses are offered per year. Adult CTE-ROP courses may require a fee. However, all high school CTE-ROP courses are tuition-free.


The San Diego County Career Technical Education and Regional Occupational Program will involve all students in a rigorous education for the 21st century dynamic global workforce.


The mission of the San Diego County Career Technical Education and Regional Occupational Program is to prepare all students to be college and career ready.

Expected Student Learning Results

As a result of this mission, students at the completion of their CTE-ROP experience will:

  1. Demonstrate occupational knowledge and skills by:
    1. Acquiring occupation specific competencies.
    2. Accessing and utilizing technology and information.
    3. Practicing occupational safety standards.
    4. Thinking critically and solving problems effectively.
    5. Using basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, listening and speaking as they relate to occupation specific skills.
    6. Attaining a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry that the individual is preparing to enter.
    7. Applying knowledge to real world problems and situations.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate workplace basic skills and behaviors by:
    1. Working independently and collaboratively.
    2. Communicating effectively and appropriately.
    3. Performing reliably and responsibly.
    4. Working with diverse populations effectively and respectfully.
  3. Demonstrate job acquisition skills with an awareness of career options and lifelong learning opportunities by:
    1. Completing an appropriate resume and job application.
    2. Acquiring job interview techniques.
    3. Attaining awareness of advanced career and educational opportunities.


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