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At-Risk Training Simulation

Are there students you may be worried about, but aren't sure how to approach? The K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative Gives Educators free access to a one-hour, online, interactive training​ where you can:

  • Learn to recognize signs of psychological distress and connect students to support services
  • Practice speaking with student avatars exhibiting psychological distress
  • Avoid pitfalls common to these interactions

Step One

Lead trainers or school administrators may register a school by emailing the exact name of the school to be registered and the exact name of the school district it's in to Michael Lombardo. Be sure to include "KOGNITO" in the subject line

Step Two

Market the use of At-Risk Simulation at your school sites with materials available online for high schools or grades 5 through 8.

Step Three

To access the free training:

By increasing the number of adults ready and able to connect with students in distress, we increase the chances of intervening with youth who may be struggling with psychological distress, bullying, or problems at home. Please join this effort to enhance the safety net for our youth. Additional information can be found on the Educators K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative Webpage.