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Service and leadership that maximize the success of all students


Vision and Mission


Service and leadership that maximize the success of all students

Pillars of Excellence

  • People
  • Service
  • Operations
  • Innovation


The mission of the San Diego County Office of Education, as a world-class educational leader and trusted partner, is to transform public education and guarantee high levels of student achievement. In partnership with local school districts and the global learning community, we will research and apply innovative 21st century practices; leverage resources; develop strategic alliances; inspire powerful leadership; and provide exemplary customized services to districts, communities and our students in all County Office-operated programs.

We Believe That…

  • Each person is born with inherent worth and dignity.
  • Caring relationships are essential for a healthy society.
  • We are interconnected; we are responsible for our actions; our actions have an impact beyond ourselves.
  • Responsible stewardship is critical to the quality of life for present and future generations.
  • The respect for and the engagement with diverse people and ideas strengthens community.
  • Equitable access and opportunity are essential to a just society.
  • Curiosity and learning are innate.
  • Each person has untapped potential that can be developed.


  • Every student will successfully continue his/her education and be ready for the global workplace.
  • All school districts in San Diego County affirm that SDCOE is a trusted partner in transforming public education.


  • All decisions will be consistent with our beliefs and mission.
  • We will not initiate or retain any program or service unless it contributes to achieving our mission and objectives, and benefits outweigh costs.


  1. We will lead, develop, and implement digital literacy initiatives among staff and students across the county.
  2. We will nurture, support, and develop leaders and leadership at all levels countywide.
  3. We will transform our use of resources and create partnerships to accelerate learning for all students and eliminate the opportunity gaps that are barriers to achievement.
  4. We will develop and implement means to ensure global workplace readiness for all students.
  5. We will optimize organizational practices, multi-directional communications and supports to employees to attract and retain a workforce that is able to effectively achieve our mission and objectives.

Strategic Plan End of Year Report (PDF)

County Board of Education Goals

Goal 1: Provide challenging and relevant educational programs for students in County Office operated programs.

Goal 2: Assist districts to accelerate achievement for all students and eliminate the achievement gap, with a focus on English

learners, low performing schools, and the health and well being of students.

Goal 3: Assist all districts in anticipating and responding to current and future challenges and trends in education, including

professional development for teachers and other school personnel, with special attention to small districts.

Goal 4: Increase parent, business, and community participation in schools and build public confidence and trust in education.

Goal 5: Maximize human and operational resources to improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of school districts and the County Office.