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Student Board Member Application

The application period for new student members of the San Diego County Board of Education is now open through Feb. 1. We're looking for five, dedicated and passionate sophomore or junior students to serve on the Board for two meetings beginning in spring 2022. Apply now!

The San Diego County Board of Education believes it is important to seek out and consider students' ideas, viewpoints, and reactions to their educational program. In order to provide student perspective and promote civic involvement, the county board may appoint a student board member from a candidate pool that includes students who attend a public school within the county. 

The selected students will be presented to the board for official appointment at its April meeting.

How to Apply

Students interested in applying to be a Student Board Member must complete the application form by Feb. 1 using the online form, or if unable to complete the application online, please email Matt Hayes at

Please note that due to COVID-19, mail is being processed slower than usual so please plan for additional time if mailing your application. Applications must be postmarked no later than Feb. 1.

Application Tips

The application must be completed in one sitting. Once you begin, you will not be able to save and return later. 

Before beginning the application:

  • Read the entire application first, then gather all of the information you will need.
  • Have documents prepared to attach with your application. You are required to upload one letter of recommendation, and proof of enrollment including either a transcript, current class schedule, or letter from a counselor or administrator. Contact the person you would like to write your letter of recommendation early so they can complete it in time. You have the option to enclose supporting documents about yourself and your leadership experiences beginning when you were in 7th grade. 
  • Read the free response questions early. Draft them in a Word document or a Google Doc, then copy them into the application.

What’s My Board District?

Find your board district by going to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters website and entering your high school address. (Note: your board district will be listed as “Co Bo of Education," for example, 3rd Co Bo of Education).

Role and Responsibilities of a Student Board Member

A student board member shall have the right to attend all board meetings except closed sessions.

All materials presented to board members, except those related to closed sessions, shall be presented to a student board member at the same time they are presented to voting board members.

A student board member shall be recognized at board meetings as a full member, shall be seated with other members of the board, and shall be allowed to participate in questioning presenters and discussing issues.

A student board member shall be allowed to cast preferential votes on all matters except those subject to closed session discussion. Preferential voting means a formal expression of opinion that is recorded in the minutes. The preferential vote of the student board member shall not be included in determining the vote required to carry any measure before the county board.

A student board member may make motions that may be acted upon by the county board, except on matters dealing with employer-employee relations pursuant to Government Code sections 3540-3549.3.

Term of Office

Each student board member will serve for two consecutive board meetings. Student members will rotate in sequential order, based on board trustee area. The following schedule outlines the terms for each student board member:

Area 1: May and June

Area 2: August and September

Area 3: October and November

Area 4: January and February

Area 5: March and April


  • The student must be a current sophomore or junior in a San Diego County public school.
  • The student completes the application packet.
  • The student commits to attending the two meetings for their board area.

Process for Student Board Member Appointments

The County Superintendent of Schools shall gather all timely and qualified student applications and/or nominations submitted by the students’ high school principal or administrator.

If the number of timely and qualified applications/nominations exceeds four for any one of the five trustee areas, the county board member will review their respective area’s applications and narrow the list of applicants down to four candidates.

The student board member candidates will participate in an interview process that will take place in April of each year at a duly noticed regular or special meeting for the selection of a Student Board Member and alternate. The selection and interview process will conclude once the county board has selected a student board member and alternate for each of the five trustee areas.

At the interview, the county board will ask each candidate a prepared list of questions.

All candidates will be asked the same questions. The board will then vote to select the representative for each trustee area.