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Newly Adopted Board Bylaws, Policies, and Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations Adopted May 13, 2020

         Classification: Business and Noninstructional Operations
         Subject: Travel, Conference, Convention, or Meeting Expense, Reimbursement

Administrative Regulation 6156
          Classification: Instruction
          Subject: Identification, Assessment, and Education of English Learners

         Board Policy 4020.1
         Classification: All Personnel
         Subject: Professional Adult/Student Boundaries

         Board Policy 0100 
         Classification: Philosophy-Goals-Comprehensive Plans
         Subject: Mission of the San Diego County Office of Education 

         Board Policy 2240
         Classification: Administration 
         Subject: Management and Communication Systems 

         Board Policy 4000 
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Concept and Roles in Personnel 

         Board Policy 4007 
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Affirmative Action, Employment 

         Board Policy 4009
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Communicable, Contagious, or Infectious Disease Control for All Employees of the County Superintendent of Schools 

         Board Policy 4012 
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Family and Medical Leave 

         Board Policy 4015 
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Employee Service Award Program 

         Board Policy 4017
         Classification: All Personnel 
         Subject: Tax-Deferred Annuities Program 

         Board Bylaw 9000
         Classification: Bylaws of the Board 
         Subject: Role of the Board 

         Board Bylaw 9220
         Classification: Bylaws of the Board 
         Subject: Governing Board Elections 

         Board Bylaw 9230
         Classification: Bylaws of the Board 
         Subject: Meetings and Notices 

Administrative Regulation Adopted Dec. 12, 2018