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We can help districts to assess their risks of data exposure, select the right control framework, and evaluate how systems are secured. This process will give district leaders visibility to cyber risks while improving accountability and maximizing investment in systems, assets and processes.

Cyber Security Team uses the best available tools and talented individuals to collect information on critical processes, assets and threats, and reports risks in a rating list. As a result of Cyber risk assessment your district will be able to:

  • Determine scope of systems and assets supporting key lines of business or processes
  • Identify related systems, assets, regulatory requirements and/or compliance mandates
  • Identify threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood that harm will occur

Maintaining proper controls over information technology is a constant concern as new technological tools are introduced. SDCOE Cyber Security team uses frameworks to help districts to evaluate controls and set the right framework for moving forward and also to understand security gaps and evaluate alternatives