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SDCOE Cybersecurity Programs

SDCOE Red Herring Phishing Awareness Program
  • Summary: Red Herring is a system that sends simulated phishing emails and tracks the actions taken by the targeted users. It was developed by the San Diego County Office of Education in order to promote cybersecurity awareness amongst their users. It also enabled the County Office to identify users who were in need of additional cybersecurity awareness training on ways to identify phishing messages.

  • A full-featured phishing training and analytics platform. 
  • Easy to use: With minimal training, a phishing campaign can be created using the existing library of templates. 
  • Customizable: Users can create their own custom email and landing page templates.
  • Synchronize users from Azure, Active Directory and Google G-suite.
  • Fully supported by the SDCOE CyberSecurity team. 
  • Created for K-12, by K-12 professionals.

SDCOE's CoSN Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Cohort Program
  • Summary: Developed through the collaborative insight and work of national educational leadership organizations and school systems nationwide, the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program embodies the commitment of school leadership to safeguard the digital privacy of student data. The TLE Seal Program is the only all-encompassing program addressing school system student data privacy and security. It provides school system leaders with the guidance they need to put effective privacy practices in place, and signal to parents and communities that they are taking measurable steps to assure the protection of student information.
    SDCOE's CoSN TLE Cohort Program was created to assist participating cohort members in earning the seal through collaborative efforts. SDCOE will provide the Program Management and Cohort participant support to enable participating organizations to more efficiently apply for their TLE Seal.
  • Next Cohort Starts: Please contact SDCOE Cybersecurity team at
  • Cost : <100,000 enrollment = $100 - >100,000 enrollment = $200 [CoSN Members are $200/$400]
  • Resources: Please contact SDCOE Cybersecurity team at