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Oct 31
Ali Maroufi: SDCOE Cybersecurity Reaches A Major Milestone


Karen Connaghan, Assistant Superintendent and CTO of San Diego County Office of Education, started talking about cybersecurity almost three years ago. I began researching and familiarizing myself with cybersecurity, especially related to coding practices.

In October 2016, Karen was given the approval to create a Cybersecurity team and we used National Cybersecurity Aware Month to kick-off the formation of the team. Since then, we have created many services for all districts to use.

A short list of the services that we provide are as follows:

Awareness: At the heart of our awareness outreach are the presentations and demos that we provide on topics such as cybersecurity, data privacy, and even social media safety. To keep the message going, we create monthly flyers and articles which are available to the districts for their own awareness campaigns.

Procedures: Through our own implementation process at SDCOE, we've been able to craft procedures that are readable and informative to those who are asked to follow them. By offering these procedures to other educational organizations in the county, we are hopeful that they will be able to customize and implement their own versions in a shorter duration.

Training: By providing informative "How-To" resource documentation, we're working to empower those that we support to further share the CyberAware message. At this point, we are also working towards more training opportunities such as a Train-the-Trainer Program for our End-User Awareness Presentations as well as a catalog of technical training events.

Vulnerability Assessment: The Cybersecurity Analysts on our team, Ed Kipp and Vong Sopha, support SDCOE through our Vulnerability Management Program. They've taken their technical knowledge and practice experience and we now offering their assessment services to districts within San Diego County.

We are very excited about the services already in place as well as those that are coming in the year ahead. Stay connected through the Cyber Guru eNewsletter to hear how our program continues to grow.


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