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The CAB engages with districts, helps prioritize PeopleSoft projects, and assesses the PeopleSoft system. In February 2020, the CAB members established priorities for 2020-2023. This page provides details about the CAB-approved work being performed by SDCOE, referred to as Grouped Activity Projects (GAPs). It also contains information about the 2019 PeopleSoft Health Check and CAB Town Halls.


Grouped Activity Projects (GAPs)


The CAB reviewed all PeopleSoft issues and enhancement requests and determined a method to prioritize each Grouped Activity Project (GAP) based on effort and impact. In June 2019, the CAB recommended a set of GAPs to be worked by SDCOE. CAB members participate on Steering Committees for the approved projects.

Related File:

 CAB GAP 02-05-21.pdf - A list of all Grouped Activity Projects (GAPs) and is updated to indicate status changes (updated 12/04/20)


PeopleSoft Implementation Health Check


One of the major CAB projects in 2019 was selecting and working with a qualified firm to perform a health check of the PeopleSoft ERP implementation and current operation, and recommend changes to maximize system effectiveness. Ernst and Young (EY) was selected to perform an independent health check of our PeopleSoft HCM and Financials environments beginning June 2019. EY conducted meetings to collect information and feedback from multiple sources, including district users. The final document and presentation of the Health Check was delivered to SDCOE by Ernst and Young (EY) at the CAB Meeting held on October 11, 2019. The CAB reviewed the final report and made a set of recommendations on February 12, 2020. The EY final recommendation report is listed below, as well as CAB's recommendations. For a simplified view of the recommendations, please see the CAB Recommendations Infographic.

Related Files:

CAB Recommendations including EY Health Check 2-12-2020.pdf - CAB's recommendations for 2020-2023, followed by Ernst & Young's (EY) final recommendation report (February 2020)
PeopleSoft Health Check.pdf - Overview document of Objectives, Timelines, Deliverables (October 2019)
PeopleSoft Healthcheck RFP final - DISTRIBUTION.pdf - The Request for Proposal written by the CAB


CAB Town Hall Meetings

Spring 2019

In May 2019, CAB members conducted three town halls across the county. The purpose of the meetings was to share who CAB is and what they were working on at the time, including how they evaluate projects. The CAB also was interested to hear feedback from the PeopleSoft User Community.

Spring 2019 CAB Town Halls

Related File:

CAB Town Hall Meeting Spring 2019 SDCOE 05-22-19 HANDOUT.pdf - Handout from May 22, 2019 CAB Town Hall