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Operation Recognition

​Veterans and Japanese-American residents of San Diego County who ​were forced to leave high school during war may be eligible for an honorary high school diploma from the San Diego County Board of Education as part of its "Operation Recognition" program.

California Education Code authorizes the retroactive awarding of high school diplomas to eligible World War II, Korean War, Vietnam veterans and people who were detained in internment camps during World War II. These veterans and Japanese-American citizens will be granted the diplomas as a gesture of our society's gratitude for the sacrifices they made during wartime. Family members of deceased San Diego County residents may also apply for posthumous recognition.

Operation Recognition ceremonies will be conducted in conjunction with a regularly
scheduled meeting of the County Board of Education.

Operation Recognition Recipients from the San Diego County Office of Education 

World War II:

  • Ralph Sarmiento
  • Thomas Gravelle
  • Charles Lewis Richard (awarded posthumously)
  • Theodore Acosta
  • Roy Edward Shult
  • Alfred Silva
  • Kenneth Max Harwood

Korean War:

Vietnam War:
  • Joseph Farrell

Internment Camps: