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Students at 37ECB Saving Bees While Learning

Students at 37ECB Saving Bees While Learning

Students at 37ECB are learning about nature and science with the help of a local entrepreneur and one of their classmates who are working to save bees, one at a time. 

Lette, a 14-year-old student at the school, recently took a trip to the site where SoloBee houses are made and got to customize it for the school’s garden.

SoloBee was founded by Candace Vanderhoff as a way to help solitary, native bees thrive. The houses are built in Lemon Grove.

Lette, a student at 37ECB with her bee house

"I love the project because I get to do hands-on activities and the bees are important," Lette said. "I want to save the bees and read the children’s book (written by Vanderhoff) about bees to my sister."

Now students at the school can connect with nature while learning about bees and their lifecycle, which fits perfectly into their science curriculum. 

“We can ask questions like: How are we transforming urban garden and protecting bees, and why do bees lay eggs in here?” Principal Gretchen Rhoads said. “We’re also doing poetry and can use the garden and bee housing as metaphors.” 

Some people don’t realize that, while some bees live in large groups, many other types are pollinators that live alone. Rhoads heard about an entrepreneur in Lemon Grove who was creating homes for these solo bees using reclaimed wood. It seemed like a perfect fit for the school’s community garden, which needs bees to pollinate many of the plants. 

“This is a perfect example of what a community school is,” Rhoads said. “We’re looking out for education, health and wellness, community partners, working with a local bee condo-maker, and bringing it back into our school community.”

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