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Child Development Permits

Child Development Permits


First-time Child Development Permit

Please submit:
NOTE: All documents must have an original "wet" ink signature.

  1. A $100.00 cashiers check or money order payable to the CTC (Commission on Teacher Credentialing).
  2. A completed 41-4 Application for Credential form (PDF).
  3. A copy of the Live Scan request form returned to you by the fingerprint technician. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to submitting an application to this office. If needed, a fingerprint appointment can be scheduled online
  4. Official transcripts showing required semester units, appropriate degree, or credential. Electronic transcripts will be accepted if they are sent directly from the university to us at
  5. Verification of Experience form (PDF) verifying employment signed by your employer, or a letter from the employer on official letterhead with original "wet" signature.
  6. A completed Master Teacher Specialization Designation form (PDF) if qualifying under option 1 for Master Teacher. 
  7. Completed Child Development Training Consortium forms, in addition to our forms, if they are going to pay the filing fee.
  8. Completed Temporary County Certificate form (receipt only - if employer needs it "activated" you must get a Certificate of Clearance from the CTC or hold another CTC document.)

Child Development Permit Renewal

Teacher, Master Teacher, Site Supervisor, and Director Permits should be renewed online

  1. Be sure to set your computer to allow pop-ups from this website.
  2. Select - Online Services for Educators.
  3. Select - Educator Page.
  4. Make corrections to personal information if necessary and SAVE.
  5. Select – NEXT.
  6. Set indicator to – YES next to the title of your Child Development Permit. It should be highlighted in yellow.
  7. Select – COMPLETE  above the yellow highlighted area.
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the process.   

The Associate Teacher permit is renewable only ONCE. The holder must complete at least 15 semester units towards the Teacher Permit. 

  1. A $100.00 money order payable to CTC.
  2. A completed 41-4 Application for Credential form (PDF).
  3. Official transcripts showing the required 15 semester units.
  4. Completed Temporary County Certificate form (receipt). 

NOTE: Completion of units is mandatory for renewal of the Associate Teacher Permit. If an individual completed less than the required 15 semester units of coursework for renewal, there is NO option for an emergency permit or extension. The CTC will not make exceptions. The only available option for the individual is to downgrade to an Assistant Permit.

The Assistant Permit can be renewed upon completion of 105 hours of Professional Growth

  1. A $100.00 money order payable to CTC.
  2. A completed 41-4 Application for Credential form (PDF).
  3. Completed Temporary County Certificate form (receipt). 

Child Development Permit Upgrade

  1. A $100.00 money order payable to CTC.
  2. A completed 41-4 Application for Credential form (PDF).
  3. Official Transcripts showing required semester units, appropriate degree, or credential.
  4. If applicable, an original verification of experience.
  5. No further fingerprinting is required.
  6. Completed Child Development Training Consortium forms, in addition to our forms, if they are going to pay the $100 filing fee. 
  7. Completed Temporary County Certificate form (receipt).    

If the Child Development Training Consortium is going to pay the filing fee, you will need to provide their forms in addition to ours. Download these forms online.

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To apply for a Certificate of Clearance, applicants must complete Live Scan fingerprinting (41-LS and Clearinghouse) and then apply online at the Commission of Teacher Credentialing website.

To update your name with the Commission it is necessary to complete and submit form 41-NC along with all the requested documentation. Access the form online, then submit it to our office or send it directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing at 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811-4213.

Applicants seeking a first-time, renewal, or upgrade to their Child Development Permit must first submit the required paperwork and fees.

The CTC no longer prints nor mails a physical document to credential or permit holders. If you need a physical copy of your credential or permit, you will need to print a copy from the CTC website.

Renewing online three months prior to the expiration date usually allows enough time for the document to be granted and downloaded to our payroll system.

SDCOE is currently accepting all paper applications via U.S. mail at 6401 Linda Vista Road, Room 104, San Diego, CA 92111. Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for processing time.

The Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit authorizes the holder to serve as a day-to-day substitute teacher in any classroom, including preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-12 inclusive, or in classes organized primarily for adults.