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Video Production Services

Share your story in a visually compelling way through videos. Videos bring action and emotion to a service, program, or website by sharing the voices of the people involved, highlighting those most impacted, or simplifying a concept through visuals.

We see and interact with videos daily in our lives. Whether you're scrolling social media, searching for a do-it-yourself project, or growing as a professional, videos are a helpful tool to connect with your audience. We know that videos are just one piece of a larger communications strategy for advancing the mission and vision of an organization. Even the most inspiring video won't get any views if no one knows where to find it.

That's why our video and production crew with a combined 50 years of experience behind the camera with expertise in filming, production, script writing, voice overs, and editing partners closely with an award-winning communications team with advanced skills in strategy and tactics for a successful project.

Raise the profile of your work and expand your reach by adding a high-quality, long- or short-term video or video streaming element. If you have a project or idea, contact to get started.


What We've Created

The video team at the San Diego County Office of Education has collaborated with County Office teams as well as districts, schools, and nonprofit or government organizations across the county to create a variety of videos and recordings. Our recording categories include:

  • Instructional
  • Promotional
  • Informational
  • Feature
  • Animation
  • Livestreaming
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How to Request Service

Ready to get started? Videos are often part of a larger communications strategy and SDCOE has communications strategists with planning tools and tactics to help make your video project a success. Email to discuss your video goals and how it fits into your team's goals.

STEP1: You and/or a designated approval manager (the person who signs off on every stage of production) meets with an SDCOE communications strategist to help coordinate your key message points and marketing plan.

STEP 2: Following your meeting, if it's determined that a video will be part of your strategy, please please click below to begin your request for video production services by completing a scope of work document. This document must be reviewed with your communications strategist before submitting it.

STEP 3: You and your communications strategist will meet with our media production supervisor to review your scope of work document. The media production supervisor will create a cost estimate, production timeline, and production agreement for your video.

STEP 4: Prior to the start of production your designated approval manager will approve and sign the cost estimate and the production agreement.


Production Timelines

Every video project is different and unique. Production timelines are estimates only, and your video project will receive a specific cost estimate and production agreement. Cost and timeline will vary depending on the category of video you choose with short length videos and animated video having a relatively shorter production timeline. Live stream videos require a site visit (if applicable) and planning meeting with an estimated setup time of three hours prior to the event.

For instructional, promotional, information and feature videos, plan for at least three months from form submission to final review and video file. 



Multiple factors determine the cost of your video. Those include lighting, location (outdoors, on site, in the SDCOE studio), and number of edit days required to complete your project. We provide a cost estimate to be confirmed by the video project team manager prior to production. An invoice based on the final cost will be submitted to you after the production is completed.

A shorter video will cost less to produce.


Range of costs


​$500 to $2,500


​$700 to $1,200


​$800 to $2,500


​$280 to $5,000


​$1,600 to $7,200*


* A live stream video cost has additional factors for consideration including the number of cameras, the location accessibility, access to the facility's internet connection, the running time of the live streamed event, and the maximum number of people you wish to access it.


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Bill Britt

Media Production Supervisor
Linda Vista Campus