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Version 6.0.0 | Updated July 30, 2022

New Features

  • Improved availability and scalability by hosting Red Herring in Azure Cloud
  • Improved Google user sync functionality and error handling
  • Improved Clone URL functionality on Landing Page template editor
  • Ability to see history of emails sent using the Send Email functionality
  • Improved filtering by target user event type on the Campaign page
  • Restrict the creation of admin account with requirement to have same email domain
  • Improved user sync processing time


Bug Fixes

  • INC0077242 - Google user sync imports suspended users and takes up available licenses
  • INC0077185 - Red Herring Site cloning function is not working for Amazon website
  • INC0074577 - Improve the prompt for blacklisted URLs
  • INC0074560 - Blacklist URL has duplicate entries
  • INC0077558 - If at least one phishing email fails to be sent, the entire campaign fails to complete
  • INC0073616 - County cannot log in to their account because the agency they created has expired, but the county is not expired.
  • INC0072243 - False Positive Click
  • INC0072009 - After cloning the Google - Shared File phishing email template, test results in Test failed: The destination email was not found.