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0100 BP - Mission Statement of the San Diego County Office of Education

  • 0000 Philosophy / Goals / Comprehensive Plans
  • Newly Adopted
0100 BP - Mission Statement of the San Diego County Office of Education

ADOPTED: 6/14/95
REVISED: 10/14/15
REVIEWED: 10/14/15

The overall philosophy of the County Board of Education is captured in the following adopted mission statement:

The mission of the San Diego County Office of Education, as a world-class educational leader and trusted partner, is to transform public education and guarantee high levels of student achievement. In partnership with local school districts and the global learning community, we will research and apply innovative 21st century practices; leverage resources; develop strategic alliances; inspire powerful leadership; and provide exemplary customized services to districts, communities, and our students in all County Office-operated programs.

To achieve this mission, the programs and services of the San Diego County Office of Education are guided by the following objectives and parameters:


  • Every student will successfully continue his/her education and be ready for the global workplace.
  • All school districts in San Diego County affirm that SDCOE is a trusted partner in transforming public education.


  • All decisions will be consistent with our beliefs and mission.
  • We will not initiate or retain any program or service unless it contributes to achieving our mission and objectives and benefits outweigh costs.

Board Policy: 0200

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