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4002 BP - Nondiscrimination in Employment

  • 4000 Personnel

Adopted: 7/14/76
Revised: 7/11/01


The County Board of Education and the County Superintendent of Schools shall not unlawfully discriminate against employees or job applicants on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, age (40 and over), marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, or any other factor not reasonably related to job performance. This includes a perception that a person has any of these characteristics or that a person is associated with someone who has, or is perceived to have, any of these characteristics.

Equal opportunity shall be provided to all employees and applicants for employment, promotion and transfer in all programs and activities managed or operated by the County Superintendent of Schools. The County Superintendent of Schools shall not unlawfully discriminate against qualified persons with disabilities who, with reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job in question.

The County Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee shall publicize this policy annually.




Administrative Regulation: 4003.1

Derivation: Former Board Policy No. 4360 Nondiscrimination Adopted 7/14/76, Amended 1/29/87 and 5/13/92. Amended, Renamed, and Renumbered 4002, 5/10/95. Amended (Date).

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