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4003 BP - Complaints Concerning Discrimination

  • 4000 Personnel
4003 BP - Complaints Concerning Discrimination

Adopted: 6/14/95


Complaints concerning discrimination will be processed as outlined in Administrative Regulation No. 4003.1 Complaint Procedure, Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. The County Board of Education shall be notified when a complaint concerning discrimination is filed with the County Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

The County Board of Education and the County Superintendent of Schools prohibit retaliation in any form for the filing of a complaint, the reporting of instances of discrimination or for participation in the complaint procedures. Such participation shall not in any way affect the employment status, academic status, or work assignments of the complainant.

The existence of the complaint procedures does not affect the right of any individual or group to file a complaint with any compliance agency or governmental entity. Injunctions, restraining orders, and other civil remedies also may be available to complainants.

The County Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee shall publicize this policy annually.




Administrative Regulation: 4003.1

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