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Electric Vehicle Charging at SDCOE

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) has recently installed an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) at its main campus in Linda Vista.

Electric vehicles are steadily increasing in popularity, have no tailpipe emissions of greenhouse-contributing gases, are powered by an increasing proportion of renewably-generated sources of electricity such as solar and wind, offer many desirable features and performance characteristics, entail lower maintenance, and are consistent with SDCOE's sustainability program.


SDCOE is offering access to this new EVCS to employees and visitors. It is not open to the general public.SDCOE is providing this service for a fee, which can be paid with a ChargePoint account. A synopsis of the company can be found in their Fact Sheet.

To participate, all EV users must read and abide by terms of use (for both entities as listed below), SDCOE Administrative Regulation 3511.1, and the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Users Guide.

Prospective EV Users will be prompted for SDCOE’s “EVCS Connection Code:”

  • Current EVCS Connection Code: SDCOE189ev

SDCOE Terms and Conditions

"This Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) facility is owned and operated by the San Diego County Superintendent of Schools (SDCSS). Access to this EVCS is being offered as a voluntary service to authorized Electric Vehicle (EV) users and shall be considered a privilege and not a right. The availability of this EVCS and the terms and conditions associated with its use are Subject to Change without notice. Individual EV users may be revoked access to this EVCS by SDCOE for any reason.

By accepting access to this EVCS, you are also agreeing to the following:

  1. I have read, understand and agree to adhere to SDCOE's Administration Regulation #3511.1, as provided and amended.
  2. I agree to review all applicable EVCS user-training materials provided.
  3. I am, to my knowledge, in good standing with my ChargePoint Account.
  4. I shall be careful with the EV Connector and other EVCS equipment, and ensure safe use and practices thereof.
  5. I shall, as necessary, call ChargePoint's 24 hour Toll Free phone number (1-888-758-4389) upon observation of any significant safety, security or operational issues of concern related to this EVCS.
  6. I agree to these Terms and Conditions."

ChargePoint Terms and Conditions

“I agree to permit ChargePoint to share my contact information and usage associated with San Diego County Office of Education’s stations to San Diego County Office of Education in exchange for the benefits described above. I understand and agree that such benefits are made available solely by San Diego County Office of Education and that ChargePoint is not offering any benefit or participating in such benefit program. I agree to look solely to San Diego County Office of Education for the delivery of the benefits described above and expressly disclaim and release all claims related to such benefits in any manner whatsoever.”


For assistance with sign-up and technical issues, contact ChargePoint, 888-758-4389. For other charging station or facilities issues, contact SDCOE's Maintenance and Operations department, 858-292-3587.