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Energy Joint Powers Authority

​​EJPA Goals. The San Diego County Office of Education has developed a joint powers authority for San Diego County K-12 school districts and community colleges which will focus on developing countywide energy strategies, services and projects with the goals of:  


  1. Reducing local school district energy use,
  2. Augment existing district budgets by reducing utility costs,
  3. Providing districts with clean energy source(s) with the potential to provide supplemental general fund income;
  4. Providing one-stop-shopping for school districts for a range of energy needs from  technical support  to energy master planning to turn-key construction,
  5. Providing "green" educational opportunities and modeling sustainable behavior for our students  fashioned after energy strategies undertaken,
  6. Reducing financing, construction and construction related energy project costs through economies of scale and other group pricing strategies,
  7. Promoting the greater use of existing and new energy products and services, and
  8. Providing "economies of political power" to represent San Diego County K-14 schools and colleges regarding energy issues at the California Public Utilities Commission, State Government or other regulatory agencies or groups.
Benefits.  We will establish and maintain strategic alliances with trustworthy, independent organizations in the energy business to leverage their expertise on your behalf.  We will develop RFQs and RFPs for vendors and consultants in various energy and resources management disciplines and those that have no vested interest in any particular solution.  The top vendors and consultants will compete for your work, giving you the best team at a competitive price for the tasks and solutions you require. 

As a member of the EJPA, SDCOE will be your partner in facilitating the EJPA project work load. The EJPA's success will be measured by your success!

How to Join.  The EJPA agreement doesn't cost districts anything to join. The only costs incurred are your time at EJPA meetings. Specific project or services costs will be negotiated with district. The EJPA is non-exclusive and meant to supplement any energy or alternative energy programs you are engaged in currently. If you don't have current projects in mind, then use the EJPA forum as a venue for staying current on energy-related topics.

Contacts. Stephen Kapp, Energy and Resource Management Specialist, at 858-292-3755 for a copy of the EJPA agreement. If you have a project in mind, contact Stephen to discuss the scope of work, deliverables, schedule and price and the EJPA will develop a separate project agreement between your district and the EJPA. Should more than one district want similar services at the same time, the EJPA will negotiate an economy of scale rate for all. Upon ratification of the project agreement, the EJPA will, with your participation, develop and deliver your project to you.