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Facilities Joint Powers Authority

FACJPA Goals.  The K-12 Public Schools and Community Colleges Facility Joint Powers Authority was formed in 2010 to enable school districts and community colleges to save time and money on their school facility planning and construction programs; providing expertise, services, support and project delivery to address all aspects of the school facility life cycle. The goals of the FACJPA are:

  • Streamline and simplify the process of school financing, design and construction;
  • Provide a one-stop-shopping for school districts for a range of school facility needs, from technical support to facility master planning, to turn-key construction;
  • Reduce finance, planning, design and construction related project costs through economies of scale and other group pricing strategies;
  • Provide expertise in the ever-changing school funding processes including; Division of the State Architect (DSA), California Department of Education (CDE), and Office of Public School Construction (OPSC);
  • Augment existing budgets by reducing administrative costs in areas such as developer fee management, storm water permit compliance, enrollments and boundaries, and other similar activities;
  • Promote best practices by providing support and services related to bond program planning and passage, design and specialty consultant services, public works procurement, including, but not limited to Design/Build, Lease/Leaseback, Design/Bid/Build, and other procurement strategies;
  • Provide "economies of political power" by representing FACJPA members' interests at local and state levels to advocate for our collective rights and ability to fund and construct necessary school facilities.


Benefits.  The FACJPA is a one-stop source for current school facilities information. FACJPA has a pre-approved list of consultants that guided by SDCOE staff can; 1) support all aspects of school facility planning, assessments, programming, design and construction services; 2) assist with the complex and ever-changing regulations and funding processes; 3) provide experts in alternative delivery methods and 4) provide full service hard bid support to ensure your board awards a viable, legal, properly procured contract that will pass audits. The types of services include:

  • Bond Administration
  • Land Acquisition
  • Community Outreach
  • Developer Fee Issues
  • State Facility Program Funding
  • Financing/Funding Alternatives
  • Master Planning
  • Education Specification Development
  • Bond Oversight Committee Support
  • Request for Qualifications and Proposal Support
  • Facility Planning
  • CEQA Compliance
  • Small Project Execution
  • Facilities-related Negotiations
  • District Standards and Design Guidelines
  • Contracting
  • Professional Consultant Support
  • Portable Moves
  • Project Purchasing
  • DSA Closeout and Certification
  • Stormwater Regulatory Compliance

As a member of the FACJPA, SDCOE will be your partner in facilitating the FACJPA project work load. The FACJPA's success will be measured by your success!

How to Join.  Joining the FACJPA is free and simple. The FACJPA agreement itself does not obligate the district to any costs other than costs associated with your time participating as a member at FACJPA meetings. These are currently held quarterly. All project related costs will be negotiated with you prior to the start of your specific project. The FACJPA is non-exclusive and meant to supplement any existing school facilities bond or consultant lead programs you are engaged in currently. If you have no current projects your membership provides you access to important information and updates on school facility issues and regulatory changes.