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Charter School Independent Reporting

Charter School Independent Reporting Revised Oct. 10, 2018 (PDF)

Charter Welcome Packet  (see pages 5 and 6 SDCOE Required Documents)

SDCOE Required Documents

SDCOE Information Documents 

CalSTRS Information Documents

CalSTRS Required Documents

From CalSTRS website: 

Charter school application for CalSTRS activation

A charter school electing the option to offer CalSTRS retirement program must apply for CalSTRS activation. CalSTRS activation requires valid and executed documentation including but not limited to the following:

  • CalSTRS Activation Packet ES1796.
  • Governing Board Minutes, Official Memorandum or Resolutions adopting the following:
    • Charter Petition.
    • Memorandum of Understanding.
    • CalSTRS Activation Application.
  • Electronic copy of Charter Petition, Memorandum of Understanding, Board Approved Resolutions.
  • Proof of Registration to the California Department of Education – Application or notice for a CDS Code.

Forms to complete: 

CalSTRS Required File Layouts 

CalSTRS Required (as needed) File Layouts 

  • CalSTRS MR87 File Format
  • CalSTRS Employer Address File Specification 

CalPERS Information Documents  

CalPERS Required Documents 

CalPERS Required File Layouts