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Retirement Reporting Staff Assignments

​​​​ Room 605 — Main Line 858-292-3691 — FAX 858-279-2953

Amy Baldwin-Granger
Retirement Technician

Alex Aragon
Account Clerk III
(858) 292-3709

CalSTRS Defined Benefit Accounting; CalSTRS Cash Balance Accounting; CalSTRS Service Credit Repurchase Accounting; CalSTRS Year to Date Salary Subject Figures; Certificated Calendar Days (CDAYS); Certificated Reduced Workload Program (RWP) Contracts;  CalSTRS Address File; CalSTRS Penalties and Interests, CalSTRS Excess Contribution Refunds.

Renée Evans
Account Clerk II​
(CalSTRS 1-45, 50, 52)

Account Clerk II
(CalSTRS 46-189, 60)

​CalSTRS Payroll Reporting; Retirement Membership Enrollments; Permissive Elections; Right of Elections; Payroll Adjustments; 60 Hours and 100 Days Reports; Salary Computations Worksheets; Refund Applications; Retirements (Express Benefit or MS 554 forms); Certificated Retiree I-30s; Service Credit Repurchases (General Deductions); Service Credit Discrepancy Inquiries.

Benjamin Vickery
Retirement Technician

Allie White
Account Clerk III
(858) 292-3704

CalPERS Defined Benefit Accounting; Typed Warrants; Salary Overpayments; Right of Elections Review; No Retirement Reports; PERS Summer School Reporting; CalPERS Year to Date Salary Subject Figures; W-2 Retirement Balancing.

Veronica Sam
Account Clerk II 
(CalPERS 1-45, 50, 52)

Clarissa De Los Santos
Account Clerk II
(CalPERS 46-189, 60)

​CalPERS Payroll Reporting; Retirement Membership Enrollments, Right of Elections; Payroll Adjustments; 1,000 Hours Reports; AESD-2 Forms:  Memberships, Separations, Name Changes, and Address Changes; Refunds; Retirements; Service Credit Repurchases (General Deductions); Service Credit Discrepancy Inquiries.


Retirement Technician
Charter Schools

​CalSTRS Charter School Independent Reporting; CalPERS Charter School Independent Reporting; Charter School Fees.

Cindy Peña
Retirement Technician
(Social Security, Medicare)

Maria Juarez
Account Clerk III
(Social Security, Medicare)

Social Security and Medicare Tax Reporting and Deposits; Payroll Adjustments; Retirement Incentives (RNCTV); Non-Resident Aliens; Student Workers; Social Security Cards for Number Changes; Salary Overpayments (Prior Year); Quarterly 941 form filing; Corrected W-2s, W-3c and 941X; W-2 Retirement Reportable Items; Deceased Employees.

Carolyn Squeo
Retirement Technician(CalPERS and CalSTRS)
(858) 292-3702

Luisa Herrera
Account Clerk III
(CalPERS and CalSTRS)(858) 292-3703

Retroactive Pay - School District Contact; Retirement Unit Support; CalPERS and CalSTRS Special Projects.


Vanessa Aquino
Retirement Reporting Analyst

Beth Valderrama
Retirement Reporting Analyst

PeopleSoft Unit Support; PeopleSoft Testing; PeopleSoft Special Projects.

Melissa Satterlee
Supervisor III
Retirement Reporting


Retirement Reporting Unit Supervision.

Tammy Britt
Retirement Systems 


PeopleSoft maintenance of:  CHRS, Job Codes, Retirement related EE & ER Rates.