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School District Organization

​The organization of districts as they existed on January 1, 1981, and local education agency needs and concerns serve as the basis for reorganization within San Diego County. Twenty-three elementary, six high school, and 13 unified school districts, and five community college districts serve students in kindergarten through grade 14 and adults.

State law establishes requirements for school and community college district reorganization. Reorganization proposals include transfers of territory, unification, annexation, or unionization, and may involve election of governing board members for the reorganized district.

The San Diego County Board of Education serves as the San Diego County Committee on School District Organization. The county committee is charged with the responsibility of handling school and community college district reorganization. The County Superintendent of Schools may provide specified services with respect to the reorganization of districts.

The county committee encourages affected districts to agree on the method of a proposed reorganization before the petition procedure is initiated by district(s), property owners, or electors. Districts considering reorganization may request assistance from the San Diego County Office of Education. Contact Legal Services for additional information.

The School District Organization Handbook, published by the California Department of Education, provides details and flowcharts on the requirements and procedures established under state law. Applicable processes are summarized below.