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Pupil Accounting

​​​​​The attendance accounting technician acts as a technical resource for school districts, charter schools, SDCOE staff, other government agencies and the public regarding attendance issues. The Technician processes and analyzes attendance reports for school districts and charter schools and trains school personnel to use California Department of Education attendance software.

Additional duties of the attendance accounting technician include:

  • Conducting an attendance survey of all county offices within California
  • Acting as the County CBEDS Coordinator
  • Compiling and analyzing school district calendars for compliance with state regulations and laws​

Attendance Reporting Deadlines

Due to SDCOEDue to CDE
​P-1 Attendance Reports
January 8, 2020
January 15, 2020
​P-2 Attendance Reports
April 22, 2020
​May 1, 2020
​Annual Attendance Reports
​July 8, 2020
​July 15, 2020

Additional Information

Theresa Marti
Commercial Warrants Analyst