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Internal Business
Olivia Aguirre 
Budget Specialist
Budget Monitoring & Fiscal Review(858) 292-3749
Wafa Boufous 
Payroll Technician
Payroll(858) 292-3550
Kathryn Breen 
Account Clerk II
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3501
Leah Bubel 
Budget Systems Analyst
Budget Monit oring & Fiscal Review(858) 292-3856
Teri Byrne 
Accounting Technician
Program Accounting & Fiscal Review(858) 292-3752
Rafael Campos 
Accounting Technician
Program Accounting & Fiscal Review(858) 569-5386
Rosario De Los Santos 
Budget Technician
JPA & FBC Fund Accounting(858) 292-3888
Karina Etcheverry 
Account Clerk III
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3575
Myrna Gasang 
Accounting Specialist
Program Accounting & Fiscal Review(858) 569-5360
Pam Gilles 
Senior Director
Administration(858) 571-7217
Lorraine Hamann 
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing(858) 292-3744
Kimberly Hayes 
Purchasing/Contracts Supervisor
Purchasing(858) 292-3768
Michele Nye 
Purchasing(858) 292-3743
Sharon Pacheco 
Payroll Technician
Payroll(858) 569-5387
Tatiana Patton 
Account Clerk II
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3504
Gemma Pilapil 
Account Clerk II
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3510
Marisa Pulido 
Accounting Technician
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3650
Patricia Roberts 
Accounting Technician
Payroll Audit(858) 292-3651
Tanya Stephan 
Business Support Assistant
Administration(858) 292-3750
Sheree Stopper 
Payroll Services Manager
Payroll & Payroll Audit(858) 571-7275
Nianza Thompson 
Lead Accounting Technician
Accounts Receivable(858) 292-3624
Regina Veleker 
Budget And Accounting Manager
Budget & Accounting(858) 292-3745
Vicki Williams 
Lead Payroll Technician
Payroll(858) 292-3595