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Internal Business Services

Internal Business Services is responsible for all County Office financial matters, and also monitors office compliance with County Office Board policies, administrative regulations, the Education Code, and the requirements of state and federal agencies. Internal Business consists of four units which provide the following services:

Budget and Accounting Services

This section is responsible for the development, adoption, and revision of County Office budgets for over 300 programs; the production of monthly reports for program managers; and the reporting to state agencies. Accounting and reporting for special funds and JPA Risk Management funds are included. The maintenance of capital property records of equipment and facilities and the coordination of annual inventory of capital property as completed by staff.

Contact: Tanya Stephan, Senior Budget & Accounting Manager - Phone: (858) 295-6779 

Accounts Payable and Receivable Services

Staff are responsible for the encumbrance of expenditures and the audit and processing of payments to all vendors and contractors. The Accounts Receivable clerk prepares the collection and deposit of money owed to the County Office.

AP Contact: Francesca Martinez, Budget and Accounting Manager - Phone: 858-295-6775

AR Contact: Nianza Thompson, Lead Accounting Technician - Phone: 858-295-6795

Payroll Services

The Payroll staff collects and processes time records for County Office employees, maintains records pertaining to tax exemptions and deductions, and provides for the payment of vendors for fringe benefits.

Contact: Wafa Boufous, Payroll Servicers Supervisor  - Phone: 858-295-6748

Purchasing, Contracts, and Insurance

This section operates the centralized purchasing function, receives Purchase Requisitions, and issues Purchase Orders for all sections and programs operated by the County Office. This includes soliciting quotations and formal competitive bids for materials, supplies, equipment, services, and construction. Staff members review, revise, and process all County Office contracts with vendors and other agencies. Insurance needs and claims are administered and monitored for the County Office to include litigation. Workers Compensation claims are administered by the Human Resources section.

SDCOE Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.pdf.

Contact: Kimberly Castagnola, Purchasing/Contracts Supervisor - Phone: 858-295-6752