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Who to Contact with Payroll Questions


​SUI Reporting; TSA Returns; Assign, Add or Delete Vendor Codes; Vendor Change of Address; Vendor Warrant Cancellations; Overage/Lost Vendor Warrants; Annual Resolutions  
Payroll Services Team
​ACH (Reversals, etc.); Lost Payroll Warrants; Overage Payroll Warrants; End of Year County W-2 Balancing; Payroll Calendar; Reconciled Payroll Warrant Copies; Forgeries 
Payroll Services Team
​Current Year Salary Overpayments; Federal and State Tax Payments; State Tax Reporting; Current Year Workers Compensation Abatements 
Payroll Services Team
​Social Security and Medicare Tax Payments; Federal Tax Reporting; W2/W3 and 941; Payroll Tax Deductions/Refunds; Year-end Adjustments  
Payroll Services Team
​Corrected Tax Forms; W2-C/W3-C and 941-X Form Audits, Questions and Filing  
Payroll Services Team
​Garnishments/Wage Attachments; Lost Garnishment Warrants; Mail/Warrant Distribution; Credential Holds/Releases
Payroll Services / Garnishment Team
Mail Stop — Room 607
Fax: 858-715-0091