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Long-term Care

The Fringe Benefits Consortium (FBC) offers an excellent insured Long-term Care (LTC) plan. The plan can be implemented on a voluntary or district paid basis.

There are various options available so that the individual employee can tailor the plan to meet his/her specific financial needs. The employee's spouse, parents (in-law), grandparents (in-law) are also eligible to apply for LTC. The group rates are excellent and are portable if an employee leaves the district.

Most policies require that you receive the care, pay for the service, submit a claim, and are then reimbursed for the paid services. However, the FBC plan pays the benefit similar to a disability plan. The insured becomes eligible for the benefit, begins receiving care, meets the waiting period, and then receives the total benefit for which he/she applied.

For more information including rates, please contact Brian Vivian at 858-571-7211.