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Loss Control Services

The Loss Control Services Unit helps school districts save money, prevent injuries and accidents, and organize your loss control efforts. Because the services are necessary in every aspect of a school district's operations, they cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Safety training
  • Liaison with Cal/OSHA Compliance, EPA, APCD and County Office of Hazardous Materials
  • Assistance with hazardous materials storage and disposal
  • Assistance in responding to Cal/OSHA complaints, appeals and variance requests
  • Establishment of safety award incentive programs
  • Evaluation and assessment of property and liability risks
  • Purchase and inspections of playground equipment
  • Assistance in obtaining hazardous waste permits
  • Expertise in evaluating and dealing with asbestos materials
  • Telephone and on-site consultation on questions regarding safety, health, fire, and environmental codes and regulations
  • Evaluation of Workers' Compensation experience and assistance in developing programs to reduce injuries
  • Industrial hygiene surveys of potential health problems
  • Evaluation of indoor air pollution problems
  • Assistance in investigating injuries and accidents
  • Ergonomic worksite evaluations
  • Evaluation of security of buildings and property
  • Development of workshops on special issues and problems
  • WeTiP program
  • Safe Driver Award program

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