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Make a Difference Today

You can play a central role in preparing today's students to be tomorrow's workforce.

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How can i help students?

Become a CTE Instructor

Career technical education courses are taught by industry professionals like you! There are full and part time positions available, and credentialing can be done on the job.


Provide Work Based Learning

As part of SDCOE's career readiness program, you can connect your business to the classroom through the many types of work-based learning activities listed below. Our team will help you build strong school partnerships, expand your network, and answer questions along the way.

Interested in working with a particular school or district? Use the Program Finder to identify high school career technical education pathway programs training students in skills related to your field. 


Classroom Guest Speaker (One or two hours)

Present to a group of students about your career pathway, work, and the skills you look for when hiring. 

Design a school Project (three to five hours)

Design a project for students to learn and apply real-world skills related to your field.

Site Tour (one or two hours)

Host a group of students and teachers for tour of your worksite and speak to them about what it's like to work in your field.

Internships, Paid or Unpaid (~100 hrs)

Give students on-the-job work experience for them to learn the important entry-level skills at your organization.

Career Fairs and Industry Events (two to six hours)

Provide a booth with work samples, equipment, and hands-on demos, and serve on a panel to present to hundreds of students.

Mentorships (~20 hrs)

Advise students on their academic and career pathway and provide insights about your career and industry.

Job Shadow (one to five Days)

A student or teacher follows a professional as they work and gains first-hand knowledge of the skills needed to succeed in your field.

Project or Presentation Reviews (one to four hours)

Review and provide feedback on student projects and presentations, typically in a panel with other industry experts.